8 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: Gone are the days of Victories in Swimsuits

  1. what I miss though are those crowns. At the very least, each batch of winners should have a pictorial wearing them together with the capes and the giant sceptres.

  2. I believe it is best archived as just memories of the past that should be kept under lock and key.

    It is not only BB Pilipinas who does this. Early years of Miss World also crown the winners in their swimsuits and it caused outrage with feminists stating the girls are treated like cattles and overly sexualized.

    Continue crowning the girls in Evening gowns – you do not see monarchs being crowned in swimsuits. Imagine Queen Elizabeth in a swimsuit Que Horror

  3. In my opinion, crowning in swimsuits should indeed just be treated as a relic of history. It’s more elegant and glamorous to see them crowned while in evening gowns instead of swimwear. Anyway, to answer Rosco’s question, the “justification” at the time was they don’t have a visual reminder of what the candidates looked in swimwear that is why to remind them and to factor in how their figures looked, they would conduct the interviews with the candidates in swimsuits–I’m glad they stayed in gowns these days…

  4. No, i don’t want our queens wearing crowns in swimsuits! Hindi nararapat, ang mga reyna ay dapat nakagown ng bonggang bongga habang kinokoronahan!

  5. Kaninong Idea yan???? Kay Stella? Akala ko ba conservative sila? Hypocrite. It should be archived crowned in swimsuit or QA in swimsuit or Parade in motorcyle in Swimsuit is soooo 70s!

    • Hindi ka pa pinapanganak..si Madam na ang nag iisang may ari ng Binibining Pilipinas. At for sure nung kabataan mo, malaking impluwensya sa kabaklaan mo ang BBP.

      Tsaka take note…madami ng gumawa nyan dati.hindi lang BBP.

  6. 1988 i think was the first batch to be crowned in gowns. then back to swimsuit in 89 the since 1990 in gowns.

  7. Sir Norman, What I didn’t understand was during the 2000s,Q&A was in swimsuit (circa 2008)?

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