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  1. Message from Ann…

    5 days to go!!! Can’t wait!!! See you soon Canada!!! 🍁🍁🍁 Also please vote for me… Here’s the link:

    The delegate who earned the highest vote will automatically be in the semifinals!
    Sana po vote nyo po ako ☺ Maraming salamat po!! ❤ Photo by @dix_perez
    Makeup by @jimryanros
    Hair by @davegrona
    #labANNpilipinas #forthephilippines #bbpilipinas2015 #MissGlobePH #missglobe

  2. What s with the dress? Rules are simple ; If in doubt have a “little black dress”. The up doe hair and shoe is so uncomplementing for that ” kurtina – beach – themed -dress!” . A black a line or any solid color would be way far proper.

    If they want that v cut long sleeve cocktail, there is a shoe called “wedge platform” ; in which could have easily been a knockout with a simple lugay- bottom- curled hair.

    “O C ” here.

  3. OK na sakin to kesa yung last experiment nila na para syang magtratrabaho sa casa. I super love Ann! Kung may time at resources sana sila onting changes nlang sana. Medyo same old same old looks kase even when she’s not on pageant mode.

    P.S. medyo niluluto na tapatang Janicel at Edymar ah…time for Janicel to up her game and be more visible in social media. A lot of people are waiting for her…anyone who can reach out? Her handlers need to show more of her.

  4. ugghh!! talk about an ugly dress! that print is stealing away from the beauty that she is! simplicity is beauty most of the times

  5. I was checking the updated Wikipedia today, Binibining Pilpinas First Runner-up Hannah Ruth Sison will took over the title of Binibining Pilpinas Tourism 2015. I am just wondering if have to believe it.

  6. She’s beautiful. Good posture.

    One minor comment. Her shin /feet looks older than her face. Dapat aligned ang age ng mga body parts di ba? Pareho lang naman age nila. Lol.

    World Peace. =)

  7. Shes beautiful no doubt but i find her boring.. Her styling does not give us that umph factor maybe because she uses the same face and poses all the time. Theres not much of a variety that would surprise us time to time. she needs to learn a few things from pia who constantly experiments with her looks making her fans whet with anticipation for the release of her next photo. From the words of Pia ‘uma-Aura’. She really lacked big time in that aspect. She needs to flirt with the camera with her eyes more and not always with that blinding smile. If she continues doing the things we see in her photos, i wont be surprised if stella araneta will charge her of her expensive vacation in canada.

    • We share the same sentiments. But don’t get me wrong – I really like her! Very gorgeous and classy. However, medyo nakakasawa kasi walang bago. Paulit ulit. Everytime I see her, it’s either long straight hair ang buhok nya or baka high bun. Once ko lang siya nakitang kulot-kulotan (yung pinachaka siya recently during an impromptu photo shoot). Constructive critique lang ba haha 😀

  8. Nina Ricci Alagao…is that you? 😉 Pero sana di ganyan ang styling ng buhok nya during the competition. Bagay sa kanya ang long straight hair…ala Pocahontas..di va mga mars?

  9. Some observations:

    1. Is Mr. Ben Chan the unofficial “sponsor” of our BbQueens, most of the cocktail dresses worn by Pia and Ann (above photo) are courtesy of Mr. Ben Chan? I think it will be good if Ben Chan and BPCI will forge partnership in the next Bb. With the various clothing lines under Bench, we are sure that our queens will always be fashionable in all occasions.

    2. Bb sash – I’m just curious that “2015” is inconsistently placed in our queens sashes. Sometimes it will be before the Bb, sometimes after the title. It can’t be an error because there are only (7) sashes to make for the makers to overlook the inconsistency. Hmmm paging BPCI? hehehe

    3. I was waiting for Ann’s guesting in A&A last night, but it didn’t air, I guess later. I’m excited to hear her preparations and her thoughts about her pageant. Hope she’ll have more guestings before her sendoff.

    4. I think Ann will not be able to wear the costume designs in the competition for lack of time, however I am thinking that maybe just maybe Bb will just get some of the ternos worn during the Bb Costume Competition. What do you think?

    5. Lastly, there’s MTQI, and I’m excited who among the Bbs will be given the honor to represent the country, are Hannah and Kim qualified for the age requirements????

    Paging Sir Norman! 🙂

  10. Resemblance of J.Lo, bka bagay sa kanya J.Lo look o mas pinaganda pa na J.Lo,.,hahaha, dnt knw 🙂

  11. Norman idont think this style is fit for Ann Colis to win, hair style made her as magtitinda sa palengke look, better find a good stylist. Btw, Miss Tourism Queen International 2015 will be held in China this October so who will replace Ann to represent in this contest. There were two runners up on the waiting hope BPCI will select among the two and so far both Hannah & Kimberlyn were qualified to wear the sash, the only problem is their age which is not within the limit of MTQI. Another candidate on the waiting is Kathrina Dimaranan she deserved also to wear sash though shes not under the management of BPCI but she was a former title holder isn’t it. Hope you can share us your insight.

  12. She is very gorgeous!!! I am a big fan of Ann, pero minsan (like at this point), parang medyo nakakasawa ang looks niya. Di kasi siguro sya maexperiment or siguro konti lang ang ayos na bumabagay sa kanya? Hindi siya masyadong chameleon and ito siguro ang edge ni Pia sa kanya that’s why (maybe) Pia is the MUP. Nonetheless, i really believe she has what it takes to bring home the first Miss Globe crown for Philippines.

    • Madami din sablay si Pia… It just happens that na mas napagtutuunan sa styling experiments si Pia since she’s the one going to Miss U… And Anne is naturaly beautifull without make-up that is why we’re sometimes underwhelmed when her whole face is painted far from the original.


      • Well, I agree with you naman mars. Hindi ko naman sinabing perfect si Pia. I like them both. Actually nga, I was rooting for Ann nga during the Bb coronation for the MUP title. And kelan lang ng narealize ko why Pia won the said title – kasi siguro more universal ang beauty ni Pia. Pero hindi ibig sabihin hindi maganda si Ann. Ah basta, I like them both. hihi. More universal lang ang beauty ni Pia, more natural and defined ang beauty ni Ann. Ganun… 🙂

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