5 comments on “The Lloyd Lee-Shamcey Supsup Love Story on TV

  1. The question begging to be asked:

    Why not let Shamcey, Lloyd and Venus play themselves????

    1) All three are pleasing to the eye. And I dare to say even MORE pleasing to the eye than the 3 actors playing them! Two are finalists in an International beauty contest, while one of the actors is …a clapper in a national beauty contest. Lol.

    I would understand if the story revolved around some ordinary-looking folk that has to be dramatized since the station would need to romanticize and get beautiful people to play them out… but this?

    2) They are (still) young. It is not as if this is the life story of say, Gloria Romero and Luis Gonzales that while still beautiful, can not play their young selves anymore.

    3) Their love story is “light”. There was no murder, kidnapping, rape, betrayal, revenge that would demand heavy acting from them. Venus herself is an actress so there is no need to get these so called young “actors”. I would even dare say, that Shamcey, Llyod, Venus’ acting will be not better (or worse ) than Janine, Elmo and WynWyn.

    World Peace. =)

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