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  1. and speaking of old, by the time they get the next edition of MU up and running, everyone would have gotten a year or two older..so yes, everyone is old

  2. my only quibble with Pia is her speaking face. The corners of her mouth are drawn down when she’s speaking- as if lahat ng sinasabi niya is seryoso (sort of like Shamcey, which is also my quibble with her!). I’m not a speech or public speaking expert or anything but maybe do a version of the Tyra smize (smiling with just your eyes)- you’re speaking but also smiling at the same time? I’m sort of trying to do this as I type and it works! It relaxes the mouth (it’s not pulled down), lifts the face and your eyes look softer…

  3. Venus Raj would’ve slayed this modeling cum beauty pageant tilt but without this new modeling twist in the game i am for sure Pia would emerge victorious as miss universe

  4. Her face can carry a heavily made up look but I think it’s now time to explore softer looks for her. She’s turning 26 in a few days and it may give her critics more reason to put her down if they continue with these strong editorial looks. Remember these photos get reposted for everyone to see. We need more of a cleaner, youthful look that highlights her brows,eyes and neck. Stay away na from harsh lipsticks….sana lang naman

    • I agree with staying away from harsh colored lipstick… she’s gona be a beauty queen not a hooker…

  5. Got into an argument from neighbors who said Pia copied her when they released Anin’s photos just yesterday wonk wonk….kakapal ng fez wala pa namang napapatunayan

      • Hayaan mo na @Laila- be gracious kasi baka hukluban na tayo lahat bago may mapiling Indo beauty queen for one of the big four crowns! I was cheering for them at some point because I think their growing pageant fanaticism is healthy- it helps the pageant cause. What’s mystifying is that hindi naman sila kulang sa resources to get the best stylists, clothes and training and yet year in and year out, the quality of their girls just lacks that X-Factor- whether it be finesse, confidence, self-awareness, character. It’s the same thing with other south-asian countries. Magaganda naman sila- though in Anin’s photo, a lot could have been re-worked. The face is fine but the gown is a mess; too much of a train and the pose- is the train too heavy that she has to awkwardly perch herself on that ledge? Does she feel poopy? I don’t really care and honestly, Indonesia has sent better girls than her.

        Maybe it’s cultural- we probably have an advantage because of our history (and we’re mostly Catholics?), our colonial mentality (which means we aspire for global standards kahit mahirap abutting) and the fact that we’re simply fabulous! (yup, thats you and me Lai!)

      • @Andrew Espinos Anindya of Indonesia na hindi ko talaga ma take I am sooooo sorry. Dagdag bwiset pa mga fans nya kung makapang lait sa mga Pinay akala mo naman may naipundar na sa world of pageantry.

    • juskoooo naman kahit minadali lang ang gown ni Pia milya milya pa rin ang layo kumpara sa gown nyang anin na yan. or maybe dahil na rin sa nagdadala, mas class mas sossy talaga si Pia

  6. Got into an argument from neighbors who said Pia copied her when they released Anin’s photos just yesterday wonk wonk….kakapal ng fez wala pa namang napapatunayan

  7. Beautiful…but….but …really, really looks “old” . I think the annoying teeth are still natural… but when one loses so much weight, the face will look gaunt, old and facial bone structure such as cheek bones and yes, teeth (teeth are after all bones) becomes more prominent. She gives off an “auntie vibes” (maybe it is because of the heavy make-up). Your not so-young auntie who is trying to hold on to youth.

    Just saying. World Peace. =)

  8. Her set of teeth was annoying during a tv interview last week. Pustiso ba yon o veneer? Naalala ko yong commercial ng polident adhessive when i saw her talking. It doesn’t look natural anymore. This is not in any way bashing our dear Pia. Constructive criticism po ito because im a supporter too.

  9. If they really want to establish her as someone who’s really modelesque, I preffer a more high fashion editorial pose since it is a black background…. Like with more angles and with eyes facing the camera… the black pants on the black background just makes her look like a floating half body… A simple, modern ensemble with a hint of avant garde would have also been a nice touch.

  10. sans the shoes.
    she’s doing great. this is a good exposure considering the eminent change.

  11. Good strategy from the team 🙂 likewise she should also be exposed to more TV guestings and interviews, though at some point Pia is quite familiar with that as former Star Magic artist. But it would also be good to expose her.

    Have you seen Olivia Jordan’s activities? it is like of Pia as well, in fact Olivia is doing her own fundraising activity as well…

    Then if you check Instagram, some of our Asian neighbors are also exposing their candidates to fashion shows and shoots (ala Pia).

    So I guess we can say that the competition is heating up…

  12. She looked gorgeous yesterday at Eat Bulaga. She may have murdered the song but she looked absolutely gorgeous.

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