35 comments on “Mia Howell and Emma Tiglao for MWP2015

  1. KF’s gonna take MWP this year, Mia and Emma have both improved drastically. How old is Emma? Mag-BB ulit kya sya next year tas kay Mia na tong MWP? Well either way, kahit sinong manalo sa dalawang to, I’d be very happy and very proud. Good job Sir Rodgil.

  2. ganda ng laban.
    early top contender
    diana mackey (cant see her) pero list ko na din hehe.
    kahit wala si catriona at ung pinsan ni meagan thats ok. nakakaexcite ang MWP this year! cant wait!

  3. she is emma tiglao. confirmed nabasa ko sa isang post. medyo naiba na ang hitsura nya sa camera siguro or ganyan na talaga sya. pero emma or not. she is the one!

  4. Yong gown na suot ni Eva Patalinjug sa Misters 2015 The Pageant as Host, parang yan din yong floral?

  5. Emma has the beauty but needs to work on her BWP project…

    Mia excels more on her background…. fencing team and diplomat course?

  6. Sino yung naka plain blue gown? Is that Mia Howell? She looks so different from her stint during BBP. Improved.

  7. In my opinion only 2 girls standout here wearing floral gown and powder blue, they have both great body with poise plus beauty…. but i am hoping to see more familiar faces, like hillarie, catriona etc. best of luck girls

  8. Nagparetoke ba si Mia Howell or pumayat lang??? Somebody get me her contact details because I want the ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’ regimen that gives that sleek, sculpted look she currently sports.

  9. No doubt they are all beautiful but I am hoping that the next Miss World Philippines 2015 not only beautiful and arm with real talent but a woman who is very articulate in every forum.

  10. May swimsuit shot si Emma sa kabilang post nag improve sya ha. Ang hot nya dun. Sana yung katawan ni Mia na remedyohan na.

  11. Wow, Mia’s face improved….

    Mia’s face Vs. Emma’s face = Mia wins by the tip of her nose and the skins of her teeth…

    Mia’s body vs. Emma’s body = Emma wins by a mile… 🙂

  12. emma tiglao! she was a suprise to me during bbp. but i feel she should try bbp a chance again. parang di sya pang mwp pero of course it’s the judges choice.

  13. Some KF girls doesnt seem to be physically ready. Refer to the girl in powder blue gown and the lady beside her in red. Im not sure if its just the angle of the shot or they are really bloated. The girl in floral gown did her assignments well at least in poise, bearing and body proportions.

  14. i agree with you. super stand out sya. iba yung tindig and aura nya compared dun sa 7 pa. and i think that’s emma

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