15 comments on “Misters 2015 The Pageant: Passing of the Baton

    • Yes,he does.And based on that Boyet Blas posting something a message for Reniel Villareal like “Thank you for coming into my life,anak” makes me think they’re father and son.Just thinking out loud. #Misters2015

  1. you people are despicable! you scream in protest against homophobes but you are the first ones to mock those suspected of being gay.
    what’s wrong with William? I would smile like that too if I had those beautiful set of pearly whites. gay or not, it does not matter. the question is, is he going sleep with you? probably not.
    show your faces and let us judge.

  2. Si Mr. Tourism talaga, yung tindig at smile. It takes one to know one ika nga. Pero gwapo talaga si william malakas ang appeal .

  3. congratulations to Reniel, if am not mistaken he is the first from Quezon, my home province, to win a male pageant of this magnitude… more power to him, and the very best of luck in the forthcoming Mister International!

  4. Congrats to Reniel, my kababayan both in locale and in OFW community. We are mighty proud of you. You deserve your selection as the image model of all Filipino men. Your OFW experience speaks eloquently about your guts, self-confidence, determination, conviction and EQ– traits that make one a real man. You have a big shoes to fill in Neil Perez but I am confident you can do it.

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