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  1. For me it doesn’t matter who will we send, just look at the host country. We are not sending a girl for a semi-final spot or worse, a clapper. It’s China people.. it’s China!!!!! We know how they play. It’s a complete waste of our girl.

  2. Gusto ko si Hilarie for MW.Ang pinaka main concern ko lang eh sa China gagawin. Sana nagpalipas muna ng 1 year kung puede pa bago sa sumali sa MWP. Kasi duon sa China marumi ang laro. My analysis lang po.

    I will not be surprise if Miss China will win again.

  3. Hi Norman, any news on how many candidates will A&Q will send to MWP? They are known to send a few only in MWP. I remember during Megan’s time, she is the only one from A&Q.

  4. She looks old and haggard in that photo, I haven’t seen much of her lately but I know she doesn’t normally look like that. I hope her team fixes that, btw anyone got news on who screened today?

  5. She was a runner up in the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014, I think she must join first the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2016 rather than to join Ms World Philippines 2015 she will ended as official candidates only. This is my opinion, she register average as to chances of winning the title.

  6. Betty Cantrell from Georgia named as Miss America 2016

    After an extremely competitive yet magnificent finale of Miss America 2016, the pageant concluded by crowning Betty Cantrell from Georgia as the new Miss America. She battled out other 51 contestants to win this title. There was no representative of Virgin Islands competing this year due to the lack of sponsorship. The pageant finale was held at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Betty was also a winner of preliminary award in Talent round. She was crowned by the outgoing winner Kira Kazantsev, Miss America 2015.
    Mississippi was adjudged as 1st runner-up and Colaroda was adjudged as 2nd runner-up of the contest. The Top 5 was completed by the representatives of Louisiana and Alabama. Miss Tennessee, Hannah Robison was declared as the winner of America’s choice, through public voting, and got a direct entry to Top 15. Vanessa Williams, Miss America 1984, served as one of the judges to the finale. She relinquished her crown few weeks before the end of her reign due to controversy of her nude photos getting published in a magazine called ‘Penthouse’.

    Miss America 2016 Results

    Miss America 2016: Georgia – Betty Cantrell
    1st Runner-up: Mississippi – Hannah Roberts
    2nd Runner-up: Colorado – Kelley Johnson
    3rd Runner-up: Louisiana – April Nelson
    4th Runner-up: Alabama – Meg McGuffin
    Top 7
    South Carolina
    Top 10
    Top 12
    Top 15
    West Virginia
    Preliminary Awards
    Life & Fitness Award
    Daja Dial, South Carolina
    Mary Katherine Fechtel, Florida
    Taylor Wiebers, Iowa
    Taylor Wiebers, Iowa
    April Nelson, Louisiana
    Betty Cantrell, Georgia

    • I don’t think she will compete in Miss World. They already selected Miss America World, I think she’s from Arizona.

  7. She’s beautiful……but unfortunately, I am not a believer to see her as Miss World!

    Convince me more……

  8. not a fan. something is off like she’s too rehearsed. and her beauty is commercial not queenly enough for miss world. sorry guys

  9. Sir norman, pa update po ng mga nag screening ha, and paki indicate and kanilang camp. #demanding


    Under what camp si parungao?

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