22 comments on “Trump’s 100% in Miss Universe

  1. so if iba na ang mag mamayari. babalik na siguro ang mga nagback out. kase hinde na si lolo trump may are ng MU.

  2. Off topic: Aattend daw si Pia mamaya sa Starmagic Ball wala lang sana she wears the Albert Andrada gown she tried on a few weeks ago.

  3. May Time pa si Donald Trump magpa pageant? Eh diba busy siya nangangampanya for President! #Kaloka


  4. I hope Miss Universe would be sold to a Filipino…


    Manny Pangilinan?
    Atty. Gozon?
    The Zobels?
    Cory Quirino?
    Imelda Marcos?…

    Madame Stella Marquez Araneta???… – why not?!… lahat na ng contestants Cumbia na ang gown… equal playing field! 😀

  5. I suspect NBC surrendered their 50% share of the pageant to Trump for a nickel as part of a negotiated arbitration agreement to prevent The Donald from suing them for their breach of contract boo-boo. Coz you know what, Trump would’ve easily won that suit had it gone to court and NBC would have had to pay tens of millions upon millions in damages. Wise move NBC.

    Now, Trump is free to sell the pageant to whomever he wants.

  6. if IMG will buy MU, mas pabor na naman to sa mga latin countries uli.. kulelat na naman mga pinoy delegates natin.

  7. Even a number of Latin countries will boycott MU. I believe that fans all over the world specially the latinos will still be curious and will by all means watch MU. Controversy makes them more hungry…And in today’s technology and just by just by a peck on Youtube will satisfy their hunger…

  8. Good? Bad? I can’t say…oh well….we have no business with his shenanigans against the Latin community so I guess we’re cool.

    • I don’t think he is against the Latin in general nor he’s a racist.He is against the illegal immigrants. By being ‘illegal’ immigrant is crime itself.

      • @closer2fame kaya deadma nlang tayo kase maraming illegal din na Pinoy. Basta hindi pinag uusapan wag nang I bring up. Pagkatapos nlang ng laban ni Pia. Hehe

        @erick I meant…mas apektado Latin community sa sinabi nya even if he singled out Mexico

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