8 comments on “Chatting with the Misters: Their Choices for the Win

  1. Top 10

    Rick / Ren
    Ren / Rick
    AR / Mcdo/ Nicholo
    Mcdo / AR / Nicholo
    Nicholo/ AR / Mcdo
    Kevin/ Nicholo / AR
    Siegfried/ Willan / Kevin
    Earlmond/ Siegfied/ Willan
    Arcel/Karan / Jules /Willan
    Willan/Karan / Jules/ Arcel

    Top 15:

    Karan/ Willan /Jules
    Jules/ Karan /JE
    Ian Alibo / Marcel / JE
    JM/ Ari / Rob / JE /Marcel / Ian
    Ari/ Rob /JM/Carlos/JE / Marcel

  2. I don’t know why. But I don’t feel Rick Palencia for some reason. I know that everything is pointing at him as the eventual winner, but, I don’t feel it in my gut. Maybe because he’s seriously competitive and doesn’t seem to enjoy the competition as much as the others. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Mga gwapo ang may pangalang Ric tulad ko eRick.hehe…
    From the very start Ric got my attention already, so keep it up you will be there..

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