6 comments on “Sunday Specials: Miss Global Philippines 2015 Candice Ramos

  1. Face of Beauty Green Soy Beans Festival. Contestants promoted the number 1 food produced in Taiwan: Soy Beans! Soy bean award winners:1st – Face of Beauty Ukraine. 2nd – Face of Beauty Mexico. 3rd – Face of Beauty Greece. 4th – Face of Beauty Hungary. 5th – Face of Beauty Malaysia. Congratulations!!!

  2. It’s the Official Orientation and Sashing of the 48 Candidates of Miss Global 2015 Pageant. The Philippines is this year’s host country!

  3. Mga kafatid huwag mawalan ng pag-asa tignan ninyo si Ate Candice sa edad ng beinte otso nanalo pa sa patimpalak. Tapos ng ang laban at Ikaw na ang panalo sa Miss Global 2015.

  4. WOW! This is an eye opener for all the ladies who wants to be a beautiful queen. She looks fabulous at 28 years old.

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