11 comments on “Sunday Specials: A Call to Collaborate for the Bb. Pilipinas National Costumes

  1. well, this is already a big development.

    pero wait lang, noon bwisit na bwisit kayo at nanawagan na pinoy designers dapat ang gumawa ng national costumes natin kasi alam nila ang kultura at tradition natin. pero bakit ngayon ang dami naman nagrereklamo na “non bearing” naman ang natcos kaya dapat evening gown na lang.

    ANO BA TALAGA MGA BEH??? hindi ba pwedeng let’s start first with the natcos then let’s work out naman to convince them to use pinoy designers for the gowns? nakakaloka ang mga pilipino!

    ako okay ako dito, at least dba, may chance na nating ma prove sakanila na mas maganda, magaling ang gagawin ng pinoy! sa gown unti untiin natin, hindi naman lahat pwede pag sabay sabayin!

    let’s just hope that this will be start of what we are praying for.

  2. Best in National Costume winners @ ‪#‎MissUnitedContinents2015‬: ☺😊😀
    1st- INDIA 2nd- CHINA 3rd- JAPAN


  4. Love for the queens are there, national costume is under way, now there’s only one thing left for Madame SMA to completely sway Filipino pageant fans and we (including Madame) know what that last thing is.

  5. I think it’s the Filipino designers who will brainstorm and design the dress then Barazza will be the one to execute and create the whole thing. Maybe Barazza, for example, can add beautiful and big flowers and feathers in the costume. With the power of Filipino designers and Barazza, I know they’ll make a stellar creation knowing the skills of Barazza. What do you guys think?

    • She wanted the colombian to win first.She is so desperate having the second MU from her native land, talk about manipulation, what Stella want Stella gets.

  6. **Grab the chance and prove to BPCI and Madame Stella Marquez de Araneta that we have a lot of beautiful creations than Barraza.

  7. Now is the time for the Filipino designers to “put their money where their mouth is”. This is what we’ve been waiting for and their chance to prove MSA wrong regarding her long, stubborn choice of a foreign designer. Time for Filipino designers to “put up or shut up” and I pray they all come out in full force with the stunning creations they are all capable of.

    National costume today, tomorrow… the evening gown.

  8. If i were a designer, the honor and prestige of being chosen to design a national costume for international pageant specially Miss Universe is enough.I will give 4 free…It wouldn’t be a ‘Bazura…but a world class vasura…my own label. Versace vs. Vasura.

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