12 comments on “Sunday Specials: Miss Supranational 2014 Asha Bhat

  1. well, they have too. for the past 3 years the results have been controversial (sadly even Mutya’s win was marred with questions) and according to Carston Mohr, rigged.

    sadly this pageant may never get the respect of pageant followers – with the exception of global beauties – the only website that recognize this as a major pageant.

    and i noticed theres not much buzz about this pageant.

    • Hmmm it seems every pageant is rigged (at least to those whose candidates didn’t win.) So if this is the case, everyone should not watch beauty pageants anymore.

      Side note: I think Supra has the best stage production/design of all.

  2. Mas naging interesado ako sa kanya after nya nanalo. I’ve seen photos of her on IG yung ganda nya approachable. Even kung magkatabi sila ni Nyonita, mas gusto ko face ni Asha which really suprised me because she looked unkempt during the competition. May ibang shots sya na parang Dawn Zulueta.

  3. I think one of the qualities that Supra is looking for is the “down-to-earth” vibe. This is if I had to look at Mutya and Asha. They both have this aura of confidence that is not overwhelming and forced.

  4. Asha is beautiful. But I didn’t expect she’ll win Supra. IDK there is something lacking on her that the past Miss India have, call it queenly aura or xfactor… She doesnt have that, that’s why she’s looking rather plain.

  5. Finally she looks like a beauty queen. I myself felt disappointed at her visuals when she won. She looked messy and too old for her age. This is a beauty pageant after all. Thank goodness she showed her potential. She could be really beautiful if she tries to.

  6. Yvethe was way prettier and smarter than her. Performance wise, Yvethe did very very well. Oh well, they really cannot crown Ms Philippines again since they need to be popular in other countries. But from day 1 of the competition, Yvethe was the clear winner.

    • Yes napanood ko and the reason why Yvethe dod not win is because 2013 winner is already from the Philippines. I understand for a 5-year old pageant need nila mgpakilala muna sa ibang bansa and get support. Pero kung performance, beauty and brains, no doubt Yvethe is the real winner.

  7. I am sorry Andrew Espino but for me she was a stand out during the pageant. I have been following her on IG and she is pretty with or without make up.

    • To be fair Jeremi, I actually didn’t watch nor follow the pageant. I guess on one level, I always judge every Indian beauty queen that comes along against what I think to be the trifecta of absolute beauty- Aishwarya-Sushmita-Lara and have been disappointed that nothing since those years have brought as another that comes even close…

  8. Gandara park pala ang mujer na itey, pero bakit nung mismong Supra pageant e ang itsura nya e halos kaedaran na ni Lola Nidora.

  9. I really, really, really, really tried to like this girl but I couldn’t. And I’m still smarting over the fact that yvethe was just wasted with this 3rd rate pageant with all of its dodgy and crass controversies.

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