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  1. Hello. I think at this point, we should just ditch using the “de” when referring to Ms. Araneta, or to any lady for that matter. This term was used back in the day when a woman was, pardon the following words – considered the husband’s property, thus this term. Never mind her Hispanic background if this may be used to justify the usage. We are in PH and women have come a long way from being called as “of “. Thanks for the space, N.

  2. In fairness to Madame SMA she had her purpose why she wanted all the gowns of our representative ordered from abroad particularly Barraza, for her creation by this guy is more competitive compare to our local, I hope that by this time she realized that Filipino designers is now leading in the international arena of quality & elegant design. For this time, she will collaborate the design of our filipino designers who’s popularity is still growing in Hollywood and any wheret of this world for our 2015 queens. I hope she silently nod and convinced to tap the services of our known & brilliant filipino designers.

  3. Parang si Trump lang yan….kahit mag ngangangawa tayo wala talaga tayo magagawa sa pamamalakad sa BPCI kase sya may ari. Marami pa ring girls na gusto sumali, malakas pa rin yung thirst ng mga Pinoy maka sungkit ng crown kahit anong crown kaya nag thra-thrive ang BPCI kahit maraming batikos. Maybe once in a while mag gigive in ng slight sila Madame pero ang desisyon nasa kanya pa ren….oh well

  4. @ Andrew, for the record she made a comment about the MJ fiasco on having her fucking conyo fashion designer designed the national costume. Having said that you just made your comment not credible. Moreover, in case u don’t know which obviously u DONT, one of the many reasons why we had 4peat runner ups is not because of that old hag but because of the tireless dedication to train those queens to do well and to standout, we are also lucky to have amazing queens who were willing to learn and listen to every criticism they get during their trainings. So to say she stayed in her so called “vision” is completely INCORRECT. I would also like to add thanks to our amazing bloggers like Tito Norman who made pageantry so exciting through his posts and pics it just made our day exciting and want to tune in more to all these pageant contests. The more we tuned in to pageantry, the more our reps get the attention as well. So all in all, its a team effort, not cuz of her f*cking “vision”. So she should just continue her mahjong in Colombia and leave the org to a dedicated Filipino handler like Tito Norman (wink) or Mama Jonas. Yes, Im counting the day towards her deathbed…

    • I totally get you and agree with you. But your choice of words are a bit harsh, peace:-)

    • to say that your counting the day towards her deathbed is too much. ano bang nagawa nya sayo personally para masabi mo yan? isa ka ba sa mga kandidata natin na “nasabotahe”. Also, the trainings that our queens are receiving after they won BBP are provided by BPCI, headed by SMA, and not from anyone else.

  5. I remember MJ saying in one of her interviews during MU that when Madame SMA flew to Miami, she waited at somewhere (I don’t remember the details) for 4 or 5 hpurs just to see and check on MJ. For all its worth, SMA is very motherly towards her girls.

  6. Hindi ko alam kung san ko ilalagay to, so i guess dito na lang. Nabasa ko somewhere na starting this year daw, magkakaibang tanong na ang sasagutin ng mga finalists sa Miss International, hindi na prepared speach. kung totoo, paano na si Janicel??? sana mas iintensify ang personality development at Q and A training nya, tutal wala naman nang kailangan iadjust sa kanya physically

    • @unorthodox

      In fairness kay Janicel may sense naman sinasabi sya sa q and a. Hindi lang maganda timbre sa pandinig kase sanay tayo sa mga flawless na delivery ng English pero hindi kasing far out ni Irene Esser.

      • agree naman ako na may sense nga. siguro tagalugin nya na lang para masabi nya yung kung ano talaga yung gusto nyang sabihin. kaso kasi parang plus points talaga para sa mga Hapon yung nakakapagsalita ng straight english. haaay basta sana push push push ang training nya

  7. The thing I respect the most about Stella Araneta is that she doesn’t really give a rat’s ass whether you like her or not. It would seem that for a number of times, she was on the brink of being lynched by the angry pageant mob, or dragged to Luneta to be stoned but in reality, she was probably at home playing mahjong (reputedly her favourite pastime with the rich Chinese set at Mrs D’s house on Tanguile Rd, Forbes Park), or watching the latest Colombian telenovela. For the record, she has never personally addressed any of the accusations that have been thrown at her. Why? Because Bb Pilipinas is her own goddamned ship; a ship that is purposely set adrift away from scrutiny, or from legal jurisdiction unless they start duping their crowned queens, which is unlikely (given her propensity for penny pinching so famously displayed with recycled wardrobe). So I laugh when I hear people saying they could do better getting our girls crowned as if beauty was a fixed formula which is not. She is at the top of her game because she has never deviated from this vision and because part of getting wins is knowing when the formula changes and you adjust, and that you’re able to adjust because you’ve been playing the game for this length of time.

    If she finally gets to say something to her critics, I hope it would be this: ‘Wait until I’m near death or dead, and then you can do what you want with Binibining Pilipinas.”

  8. Yes it’s a great news that both our parul will be hold up high like a beautiful lantern to be seen by millions of people competing against other lanterns and ann as well doing the same thing but I’m not buying it. SMA is just doing it so she will be back in the good graces of beki world but behind it she’s still sabotaging us from getting that crown. I mean why can’t she focus of putting up the a game on getting that muo crown. Shape up or shoot out sma.

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