4 comments on “The Sisterhood of Paulina, Olivia and Katherine

    • nope, I find it distracting too and I’m not saying this just because competition sya ha. They made her lips so plump she now looks like a cast from the real housewives of….

      bakit ba hindi matuto mga to ng Asian techniques in putting on make up. She’s not the youngest candidate dapat ginagawa na nila lahat para magmuka syang bata. Even Ms. Teen USA gorgeous girl pero her photos make her look so old.

      I don’t really like Paulina but see she’s different kase she’s not too made up all the time. Kahit hindi ko sineseryoso reign ni Paulina at least na me-maintain nya youthfulness nya.

      • Well, isn’t Olivia like 26 or something??? So its fitting na ma-cast siya as a Real Housewife because she’s old lol! And that’s the thing I don’t get (or like) about Paulina. Youthfulness is obviously an asset in the beauty game pero on her, it simply evokes to me, a lack of character and depth (to translate in Tagalog, hindi mabigat yung dating niya). Plus she has this smile that to me looks like a perpetual arrogant smirk (yup, makes me want to slap it out of her smug face).

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