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  1. Congratulations and good luck to the ladies. Current and former queens all look beautiful. Yvethe is a surprise, she looked lovelier than last year.

  2. I looove it. it doesn’t matter if they’ll be sent to a newbie or hindi sikat na pageant like the big 4. what’s important is that they get the chance to represent the Philippines. That’s all.

    Tito Norms, we all have a speculations or a hint that Ann might be sent to other pageant, particularly MGI, but may hint ka rin ba or nakatunog ka ba na si Parul pala or bibigyan din si Parul ng pageant?

    • Days before, I was already sounded off. But I can’t just blog about it so as not to pre-empt the announcement. 🙂

  3. Ganda ni Ann Colis grabe, except that from what I remember in Binibini, pag nagsalita siya, medyo walang malakas na self-assurance. Wonder if she has improved that bit since then. But face wise, your eyes are drawn to her and no one else. Sana medyo toned down si Parul personality-wise as she tends to be sometimes OA (ala MJ before she became BP Universe and her over-dramatic ramblings were cut to less annoying sound bites). All in all, fearlessly forecasting a low top 10-5 finish for Parul (di ba may politics sa Grand International????) and a possible win for Ann.

    • @AndrewEspino haha for a while nakalimutan ko na medyo naasar ako kay Parul magsalita at umarte sa sobrang saya ko lang. For now kakalimutan ko muna mga nega vibes ko about her at susuportahan ko sya kase mag susuot na sya ng sash ng Pilipinas. Pero gets kita.

      • I’m sure, tayo lang mga Pinoy ang nakakpansin sa mga ganito Lai- medyo OA din tayo when it comes to judging fellow Pinoy’s English speaking skills. But MrManila is right; Parul’s verbosity fits well with the pageant she’s competing in, and I’m sure they won’t find it annoying like we do. And she definitely gets my vote because I have Pangasinan roots too!

    • I think that is why Parul was chosen for MGI, she’s a better speaker than Ann, not that i am insulting Ann or what ha. malay mo ang speech or accent ni Parul ang makapag pa stop ng war! CHAROT!

      I’m just excited for these two. Alam natin na aangat sila sa respective pageants nila since de kalibre ang mga binibini na to!

  4. Eto na kaya way para suyuin tayo ni SMA? Sana naman magtuloy tuloy na….yung Natcos nag give in sya kuno kuno sana yung evening gown ibigay na nya sa Pinoy na magaling or kung si Barraza pa rin talaga…wag na nila i sabotaje kase sasayangin lang nila chance. We cannot keep on getting good placements and maintain this for about a decade, realistically speaking magkakaroon din siguro tayo ng lean years sa pageantry so now na matunong pa rin tayo sa pageant watchers sana naman pag handaan na nila with Pia. Hindi na rin sila kabataan sa BPCI so maka panalo man lang sana sila habang nasa atin pa ang spotlight. Itodo na natin ang pag wish….

  5. So….EEEEEEEEEEEE sa totoo lang kanina pako kating kati mag comment ng kasiyahan ko dito. Biruin nyo September na ngayon halos wala nang pag asa tapos ang ending 2 pa silang maipapadala. 2 na sobrang pinang hihinayangan natin. Kahit pano …. manalo matalo pero sana manalo kase ang lakas ng dating nilang dalawa….susuportahan ko tong 2 to. Pag pa September na nga naman….ang aga ng Pasko sa Pinas.

    @Norman….itch…scratched :} hehehehehe

    • @BasilV si Yvethe din yung hinanap ko nung nakita ko si Kris. Ganda maliit lang photo nya pero parang ang blooming nya.

  6. Nice decision madamm, i actually wants hannah to compete in MGI rather ann colis bcoz of hannahs age, sayang kase, hinde na sya pwede sumale next year. Ann on the other cant even join again too next year pero pwede pa naman sya sa ME o MW next year if ever ganun din sa mutya. But hannah will turn to 28 next year so there is no room for her to compete abroad. But il hope she will send in Multiverse. Now ive read a post that parul was include to be one of the possible to be send in MGI together with ann colis. I never imagine that parul will be one of the choices. So il tell to my self that i want parul instead to send in MGI if ever bbp claims MGI franchise. then send ann in MGI next year. But bbp will send ann in miss globe ds year. Good decision too. So tito norms.next year bbp will crown a queens to represent ph in MGI and Miss Globe next year?

  7. Happy for both of them. Bonus na lang yung kay Parul. At least Ann will get to compete.

    Hope SMA will be extra generous to the runners up as well. International Coffee Queen for Hannah or Kim! And hopefully next year to get the Miss United Continents…

    What do you think Sir Norman? #InternationalCoffeeQueen #HannahOrKim

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