8 comments on “A Prospective Buyer for Miss Universe?

  1. Anyone but DT for MUO! With due respects for DT, the uncontrolled vitriol coming out of his mouth lately– against immigrants, women, and political opponents– is doing the MU brand a great disservice. It would have been okay if he was not visible in all media as the owner of MUO, but he was and is. His continued association with the organization trumpeting “confidently beautiful” advocacy dilutes the brand. There is a great dissonance between “confidently beautiful” and narcissistically wealthy. Since brands cannot dissociate itself from the spokesperson of the brand, building a positive image becomes difficult for a brand advocating confidently beautiful lives. In a pageantry that celebrates beauty in diversity, his verbiage spews out the gospel of divisiveness, exclusiveness, intolerance, egoism. Let him continue to flaunt his political incorrectness in his presidential bid, but please somebody save a great tradition like MUO from imminent crash.

  2. the prospect buyer maybe european so most likely europeans will be favored now. and the latinas going to favor more on miss world.

  3. A new chapter for MUO! I hope (if this will push through) maibalik nila ang dating essence/imahe ng MU. which is to really crown an ambassadress, speaker and an inspiration.. not just a model or what.

    • Pwedi rin teh alisin nalang yung mga cobra walk ni janine, pilapil walk ni venus or tsunami walk ni shamcey. Pahinhin walk lang,walang excitement, tingin ko yun ang distinct sa MU sa ibang beauty pageants…

  4. Good news indeed!
    But sir n, does a change of ownership bode well for our Phil candidates from now on? When donald trump took over a decade ago, the Latinas ruled like there was no tomorrow.
    Will the new ownership usher in a brand new level and fair competition? What do you think?

  5. If bought out, perhaps the new MU will recapture the essence of crowing a woman who may not be the most beautiful but is the most articulate, witty, and beautiful once again. Perhaps we will see more variety (country-wise) on who makes the first cut. Perhaps… it might be worse. Won’t know until the sale comes into fruition and we watch, with baited breath, the new presentation of the MU Pageant. Regardless, whoever buys the MU franchise will hopefully focus on the pageant and make it a priority instead of a secondary thought or a deal maker dependent on which country the sponsor’s business depends on. It’ll be a new world, a new universe if you will and, hopefully, be the better, brighter, bigger pageant it has always deserved to be. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  6. Mas juicy ang MU pag si papa Trump .It will be another chapter of MU.Maybe even the selection of top 15 and the eventual winner will change..That*s life, everything changes.Just hope for the better…

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