11 comments on “Olivia Jordan’s first Miss USA Photoshoot

  1. yeah I’m with berkshire here. Im definitely not feeling her at all. not the same as the other Olivia. She’s not even close to Hawkins, Hawkins was athletic and epitomizes an outdoorsy aussie. This one is mature-ish, pushing a bit hard. not feeling it. The scary one to beat is Peru! that woman is stunning and fierce. What happen to japan, she’s loosing steam lately.

    • I super agree with you Jake. Japan is losing steam. Anyare? Peru doesn’t have to have mega supporters like us Filipinos but she’s is so stunning and sexy that no one is questioning her place in the competition. Olivia J, looked fresh when she won, I know she’s one of the older girls but boy her styling here is a bit too Kardashian for my taste. Notice her forehead? May mga lines na when she speaks animatedly.

  2. YES Norman, she’s surely the One-to-Beat since winning Miss USA!

    So far I can see Olivia & Pia as the Last2Standing on stage!

    Pia still has some outstanding issues to iron out.

  3. Kay USA pa lang e duduguin na si Piyaya.
    gandara nitong si Olivia, pinaghalong Jennifer Hawkins at Dayana Mendoza.

  4. I have this feeling she might be the one to beat. That said… I hope Pia and her are the last two standing.

  5. I really love her transformation lately. I remember how basic she looked during Miss World where her blonde hair and blue eyes were her only assets unfortunately. It didn’t help either that Megan young’s aura was so dominating that she was pushed back as a wallflower and an afterthought. Now she really brought her a game and most importantly the it factor. She’s a charming southern girl and I won’t be surprised if she gets really far in the competition.

  6. She’s so pretty, fun, vibrant, fierce and steaming hot. Gosh, this girl is screaming Miss Universe. She has the “it” factor. And yes Norman, the crown fits like a glove on a hand. At first I thought the new DIC crown looks horrible, but it looked stellar on her head. Maybe it’s time for Miss Univese to crown a blonde girl again.

  7. No thanks. She looks like shes pushing 40 years old. What is wrong with her lips? Her look is borderline pornstar. She didn’t look like that during the pageant. She looked fresh and youthful. Not worried about her even placing top 10 this upcoming Miss Universe Pageant.

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