11 comments on “Could she be MWP-bound?

  1. I always think women with sterling achievements like Shamcey Supsup and other past beauty queens with summa cum laude credentials have better chances in Miss World than in Miss Universe contest. A beauty contestant with such academic background– doctoral degree in medical physics– is a rare find. This field can spawn many BWP projects that will be a cut above the rest– easily a source of differential advantage for her. I hope she joins MW, not other contests that look for Hollywood beauty archetypes.

  2. Diba bawal ang smokers sa MWP, mas lalong bawal ang mga hindi tunay na babae!

    Kaloka si Atweh, mas hard pa ang face compared dun sa Miss Gay Manila Winners.

    Deadma na sa GYM teh, dapat more Hormones pa, push pa natin ang estrogen

    #NoTeaNoShade #Truth #BangsDoesNotMakeAwoman

    • My apology if others find my comment above mean. It was not intentional – no pun intended. The lady subject in the article was not named by the blogger and it was the insensitivity of me that prompted me to scribe words without thinking that in the Philippines those words can be mean. Again, my sincere apology.

  3. Let’s hope not.

    Zeny Zabala called. She wants her face back.

    World Peace. =)

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