15 comments on “24 for Miss Venezuela 2015

  1. From the photos above ….. in no particular order.

    Maydelana Diaz
    Jessica Duarte
    Valeria Vespoli
    Annie Fuenmayor
    Katherine Oliveira
    Mariana Mendez

    • did some search and found some photos of the candidates during the pre selection and pre finals. The all look vastly different, almost all have to much paint on their face. It was bad, terrible and awful . Hopefully the people behind MV can do something (no not surgery).

      I have to add Arianny Barrios on my list.

  2. My picks (based on pics above):
    1. Valeria Vespoli
    2. Jessica Duarte
    3. Gessica Fiume
    4. Annie Fuenmayor
    Dark horse:
    Elizabeth Coello


  3. There will be new crowns for Miss venezuela this year. George Wittels will be the one to design and make the crowns.

  4. Based on the pics you have posted sir Norms,

    Jessica Duarte
    Arlanny Barrios
    Valeria Vespoli
    Annie Fuenmayor
    Fablanny Zabranc

  5. Based on the photo grid, I love the natural looks of Jessica Duarte, Valeria Vespoli and Mariana Mendez. 👍

  6. Miss Earth Venezuela will be crowned. The rumors that Osmel dropped Miss Earth was spread by fantards of Miss Grand International when Carousel removed the franchise from Nawat. To save face, Nawat spread lies that they dropped the franchise because Osmel dropped the franchise as well – which is not true

  7. Olivera

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