5 comments on “National Costumes: Go BIG or Go Authentic?

  1. Norman, I’d obviously opt to go Proudly BIG & AUTHENTIC with the emphasis of showcasing the Best of Filipino refined design, artistic quality, talented creativity and aesthetics,

  2. It’s out of control. I don’t mind over the top costumes as long as the design and styling are thoughtful and intentional. In my opinion, some costumes translate as random and literal. In general, editing and appropriate styling are key when showcasing our culture In order to keep it focal and not all over the place.
    By the way, I like your 2 choices plus the gold costume( middle; last row)
    Xoxo, jeff

  3. IMHO, it doesn’t really matter if it’s big or small… What matters is will it create the desired impact which is to wow everyone with it’s beauty while showcasing a huge never-been-seen slice of culture and history of what the delegate represents. A beautiful execution of a very meaningful costume that reflects one’s culture and history while blending modern and traditional should win.

    Among all the costumes above… I like Kalinga province because it’s traditional and yet subtly avant-garde… because the tribal culture of the cordilleras were presserved until today because they had little Spanish influence. A Hispanic Filipiniana made of their real authentic fabric is rarely seen. I would prefer something between a serpentina and a fishtail for bottom of the skirt though. I would also like to bare just 1 1/2 inch of the midrib area making it into a high-waist skirt and a cropped butterfly top that also exposes the decolatage to add a more modern silhouette. (Simillar to Ms. Antipolo but her high slit to me is complete over-kill) I would also stich patterns on the stripes of the sleeves made of coral beads.. And I would top it with lots of those traditional necklaces made of natural multi-colored pearls and coral beads. I also preffer a more ornate coral bead tiarra with super straight Ariella Arida/Janicel Lubina hair… Love it! 😀

  4. high marks para sa lahat ng (pic) sa right side -yung miss ? (brown), miss sta.rosa, miss kalinga, at miss meycauayan! yung miss sikatuna, qc, parang naligaw, galing yata sa latin america… 🙂

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