20 comments on “Sunday Specials: Will Donald Trump really sell his 49% in Miss Universe Organization?

  1. Without taking Trump’s recent controversial statements on Latinos and illegal immigrants, Miss Universe as a show actually became faster paced when he took over. It was only this year that the show became slow paced again particularly when it came to the announcement of the semi-finalists.
    I wish the show reveals the scores of the contestants once more.

  2. sell it to Madam Stella Araneta!! baka babagay ang cumbia sa foreigners 🙂

    • LOL!!!… Oo nga! Para magkakasing ganda silang lahat while promoting reduce, re-use, recycle! Miss Earth ang peg.. Hahaha

  3. I think if MUO runs out of choices , the venue for the Miss Universe 2015 will be in Atlantic Resort in the Bahamas where they hold the Miss Teen USA every year (also MU09) and I just bet that the date will be some time in late November (Thanksgiving) or late December (Christmas) 2015.

  4. If I may add: so long as DT continuous to spew out venom against Latin, Asian and African immigrants, the more he dumps to the dustbin MUO brand’s image of diversity and inclusiveness. By staying as MUO owner, who now is the greater hypocrite– Paulina who spoke against his actions while keeping the crown, or he who continues to demonstrate actions inconsistent with words?

    DT, sell off your stocks now!

    • Thanks Scorge 🙂

      MU has been part of a worldwide culture for some time now. Good reason to believe that it’s not going out of business anytime soon. Although the ownership is just about a get-even business for DT, he recognizes the MU’s worldwide audience even more. This and his seeming love for beautiful women (or at least being surrounded by them) is making him stay. Still, he’s a businessman first and foremost. So if he finds a suitable bargain, there’s no reason why he won’t.

    • If DT dislikes or wants one thing, he will make it known like a soap opera of a show. No wonder he is collecting enemies… a mountain of ‘em. Lol. For how long his businesses can sustain his acts though is up to anyone’s guess. It’s not even 2016 yet. Then when the presidential bid is all finished, he will most likely revert to entertainment in his brash antics as usual, donning an ever hail almighty name of a brand. Boy, he can pass as a good stand-up comedian.

      One can only surmise DT’s stances on moral principles really.

      Really love your take on DT selling MU asap Scorg, like a boss! hehe 😉

  5. Uh oh this could be the start of the end of Miss Universe, unless they work their asses off, time is of the element. Only 5 mos until December or shall we witness another January? Hmmm… The glorious years of Miss U are now behind her

  6. but not without a fight …. enter Julia Morley !
    The race is on… who will be on the hot tamale train! MU or MW ?
    Julia is rubbing elbows with Lupita … Mexico is hot !!
    see for yourself ….

    México podría ser sede de Miss Mundo Viernes, 17 de julio de 2015 – 8:21 pm – See more at: http://yucatan.com.mx/imagen/turismo-imagen/mexico-podria-ser-sede-de-miss-mundo#sthash.umyn2Dvn.dpuf


  7. and Miss Universe 2015 will be where ??? …….. you guessed it right, Mexico City ! yeeehaaaw !

  8. he should sell his 100% share and leave this prestigous pageant alone…
    mula nang dumating sya hindi na nawalan ng issue yang MU.. he really ruined this pageant’s prestige,glamour and credibility…

  9. YES PLEASE Old Donald! Sell it! Wala kang magandang naidudulot sa MU. #truth

    Btw, mukhang nagulat lang sa flash si poleng. *eyes roll

  10. I hope DT sells his 100% of his shares to the MUO. His values, beliefs, actions, views and verbiage are antithetical to the advocacies and principles of the global organisation. Because he is visible in all media, he cannot separate his persona from the MU brand which he has long trumpeted to be part of his empire. This pulls down whatever good image MU has built up through the years. Tell-tale signs of the sagging image have been the difficulty in recent years of getting international venue hosts for its annual contests. The very recent cancellation of business ties by major TV networks and corporate sponsors look like an irreversible downward slide of the business into the poorhouse. Only a change of ownership, whose business principles are compatible with the MUO advocacies, will deliver MUO back to its glory days when it was not just an annual one-off TV spectacle but a year-long program that inspires the youth to confidently aspire for that beautiful life.

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