12 comments on “Miss Bohol 2015 Grand Coronation Night

  1. Norman, could you kindly share with us pageant fans the full results & crowning moments of this local pageant, please.

    Maraming Salamat Po!

  2. It seems that Tagbilaran has special lighting here. Hmmm . . .

  3. I just watch the coronation night of miss bohol am dissappionted with the result. Its not fair!!!! There are more potential candidate who are deserving. It’s not fair enough.

    • I heard that there were very loud boos every time a candidate, who won most of the corporate and special awards, was called in.

      • Reportedly, the winner will never qualify in national competitions because of lack of height. How true, Mr. Cool Brew?

      • It’s true the winner won’t qualify for the nationals but the Miss Bohol Pageant’s reason for being is for the lookout of a spokesperson for the pageant’s advocacy on women’s health & issues, education, environment & entrepreneurial endeavors

        the booing was an offshoot of some town delegations that were ganging up on Miss Tagbilaran. Special awards are not handed out as consolation but to recognize the candidate’s sterling qualities. She deserved her crown


    • whoever did the photography and styling of these pictures should do Bb. Pilipinas! Clearly, not only is Stella missing out on the local talents when it comes to fashion design… but on photo production as well! #yesIhaven’tmovedon #sowhat LOL!

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