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  1. The last 2 women standing was repeat of what happened in Miss Teen USA 29 years ago. Allison Brown of Oklahoma won over Becky Pestana of Texas. Conicidentally, Allison & Olivia have some similarities.

  2. Now ko pa lang pinapanuod. Di ko bet styling nila. I know it’s a pageant pero these girls are in their early 20s but their hair and makeup made them appear as part sila ng the real housewives of…

  3. 4 out of 5, in my prediction made it to the finals.


    TOP 10

    TOP 15

    But the final decision is better, because the game changes everything especially the Q&A.

    so for the gowns.

    KENTUCKY, her gown is beautiful, I love the slit the color as you can see its not black its kinda darker shade of green plus the way the beading is perfect but It kinda reminds me of Miss USA 2013 top 10 evening gown competition because Nevada wears the same gown but the color is purely black, so I don’t put Katie George in my list.

    NEVADA, her gown is classy in silver with a huge back train that can be removed, so its a long sleeve that can pull a lot of elegance and sexiness with the plunge as well, she certainly sweep the stage by removing the train and trip but doesn’t cost her to fail in that part of the competition.

    HAWAII, her gown is trendy with a beautiful skirt showing off her legs, at the top with puzzling triangular shapes in nude thingy, so stunning but Angela Byrd is still my choice from Hawaii till then.

    RHODE ISLAND, so she changed her gown from Alejandro Fajardo to Nidal Nohuaied and now to Valentina Cedeno. Her height fits perfectly for the gown at just 6 feet tall, sexy check, with sex appeal check, a gown that will make her elegant check. But the way she walks the gown makes her barely slow to walk because its too long but perfect with the turtle neck with diamonds.

    MARYLAND, the way she goes down the stairs, her legs ohh, amazing black girl with a incredible black dress blows everything the sequence the mirror like and solid feathers makes her ready for ANTM but the legs really makes a drop dead walk in front of the judges.

    ALABAMA, this girl is simple with a mermaid fishtail a blue green metallic gown and a drop earings it really complies to the whole look and she really working on it, even though her predecessors are more beautiful than her but she prove that she can do it whatever it takes.

    LOUISIANA, pageant go to designer Gionni Straccia designed this gown, obviously the way the paillettes from silver to gold really matched with the white gown. The way the gown moves remember me of Migbelis Castellanos preliminary gown that was planned to be weared during the finals but as you can see life’s has different path ways to choose from.

    MICHIGAN, this red hot beauty here changes her gown from metallic lemon lime that really compliments with her hair to white with swarovski’s with a interesting long sleeve. OK she is a goddess in this gown also reveals her back but she lacks of more confidence and she drops it all.

    OKLAHOMA, so simple metallic gowns with different variants of colors to choose from is a trend in this pageant but Miss United States World 2013 bring it out with ruffles which fun and the color of bubble gum pink makes it Barbie Couture with elegance, poise and a pot of laughter she really brought the house down and she looks like a princess but better than it “a Queen.”

    DELEWARE, as everyone knows and everyone says that yellow is the color of joy and its the color of celebration because she finally breaks the 64 years spell from her state to make it to the top 15 and a surprise addition to advance to the top 10,11 so as you can see the gown has an extra train but with different color butter gold metallic shine it really makes her lucky because she is also miss congeniality with ALASKA.

    TEXAS, white everything is white from the bottom and to the tops of this gown but it quietly surprise me with those crystal strings that says hello hollywood. The neck pieces that rings the whole look disturbs me if this gown is designed by Gionni Straccia or not but the sisters are having fun with this fitted gown that really distracts the whole look but this girl is the most stunning of all these contestants.

  4. mga vhaks…ayokong magsalita ng patapos pero nava-vibes ko na kayang talunin yan ni Pia W.

  5. Magpasalamat dapat si arizona sa pinay judge na si palpallatoc kaya napasama siya sa top 15 😃

    • I think that’s an unfair statement. Based on the prelims, she was one of those who stood out but on the finals, her swimsuit was not flattering for her body type that is why, she failed to make it to the top 10.

  6. I am not a fan of alabama. But according to prelim she really showed her best and i really notice shes very a top contender thats why shes top my list. With the ist runner up, texas, 2nd runner up arizona, 3rd runner up rhode islands and forth in my list Mary Land or oklahoma. I only have 2 correct placement of real winners vs in my top list. She is Ms. texas and Ms. Mary Land. Naungusan pa ni Hawaii si Arizona. Na boring ako sa SS walk nya. Disappointed pa rin sa make up nya. nevada is not in my list. Na notice ko lang sya during SS walk. May pag ka Nia Sanchez din sya ha! Same pa sila g taga Nevada. texas is super sexy, good thing ibinagsak nya ang hair nya. Mas gumanda syang tignan, may times na kikita ko si G. Toengi sa kanya. She my ist runner up. Rhode islands is my winner.but during Q&A i droped her in my List. And made me thinking about Texas or oklahoma as a winner. Mary Land mas maganda sya sa pics, but shes one of the top contender. A real black beauty that stand out and shine. For the winner Oklahoma, Choosing her as a winner is really Good. No issues or complains. But she need to boost her confidence, she’s beautifull enough. Good luck to her,

  7. Congratulations Olivia! Amazing performance!!! The QA ruined Anea’s score… 😥 So heartbreaking to watch. Goodluck Pia! Paliit ka na ng dede!

  8. I wish MD could have placed better but then again it was a tough competition. Needless to say that she is more of a top model than a beauty queen just because of her bone structure. She could be the next Iman and by her name I think she is of Malian or any of those franco phone African countries.

    • She will also be on the 22nd Cycle of America’s Next Top Model which airs next month 🙂

  9. I loved the show! The semifinalists was very diverse. They were all-american, black, asian, and latin beauties. Julia was actually a decent co-host. She gave impressive insights about the gown. Thank god she wasn’t doing that annoying giggle like jeannie’s after every comment. I thought Rhode Island or Maryland’s going to take home the crown but not until the Q and A. Oklahoma has a beautiful face, body and aura. Loved the gown it was youthful and it made her beauty glow. The Q and A portion sealed the deal for her.

  10. I only got Texas right…. wasn’t surprised about Rhode Island and Maryland… did not expect Oklahoma with that not so pretty gown to make it this far but congratulations!… Where’s Alabama and California?… So sad Arizona only made it to the Top 15… 😦

  11. She wasn’t in my list during the preliminary but I’m extremely happy for her. She deserves the title. She showed confidence and gave an outstanding performance! I thought Rhode Island was gonna win cause of that statuesque beauty but she froze unfortunately… Oklahoma, Texas and Maryland were the only ones who gave great answers.

  12. I love her!! First time I actually agree…she’s the clear winner from beginning to end. However I thought Maryland should have placed higher.

    • couldn’t agree more. Maryland deserves to be in Rhode Island’s spot. This just proves that Q&A isn’t really the main factor in choosing the winner. Beauty always comes first. Haisst…

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It actually felt like Donald didn’t have his hand in any of it. Felt like the times when you knew all those that made the first cut did it on merit. Nice, well done show! Winner was deserving, her answers sealed the deal. Judging panel was impressive!!!

  14. This girl was Miss USA in Miss World 2013. Megan Young beat her then.

    • Megan Young’s performance was so stellar back then. She’s so crown worthy. Is Pia W. the same? We have to wait and see. ☺

      • Yes, she will! Ganito bet ko: Papasok si Olivia Jordan sa top 15..pero magiging:

        a. katulad nya si Miss USA 2011 na hanggang top 15 lang
        b. magiging katulad nya si Miss Australia 2012 na 3rd runner-up:)

      • If I had to compare Pia and Megan? Megan is just naturally beautiful, elegant, and has that “queenie” demeanor 😉

  15. Maryland should’ve placed higher than that. Kaci Fennell situation all over again 😓 I thought this was the year a black Miss USA would be crowned again.
    Nothing I can do about it, so congratulations to Olivia Jordan!

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