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  1. Indeed Miss Olivia Jordan can be considered a ‘Lucky Charm’ to both Miss World 2013 Megan Young and newly-crowned Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Thank you Miss Olivia! 🙂

  2. A sad statistic was revealed that this year’s Miss USA contest was seen by less 1 million viewers according to the Neilson ratings. It’s peak was in the 1970’s when an average of over 30 million tuning in to watch the yearly event. 😦

  3. She actually deserves to win. She seems relaxed on stage maybe because she is one of the most experienced, but oh boy, Rhode Island is stunning! She has all the elements of a beauty queen; tall, poised, great stage presence and the camera just loves her face. Though she choked on the first question, she gave a good and confident answer on the second one hence, she should have been the 1st RU followed by Maryland then Nevada then Texas. I am not of fan of Texas, her face seems bloated to me.

    • I don’t think Rhode Island is all that. On her close up, you can actually see blemishes. On the commentary they said that she wore a different gown on rehearsal and she only pulled the dress she wore at the last minute. It wasn’t even that great… on top of that, she couldn’t walk on it to save her life! Q&A was her only hope… which she unfortunately bombed as well!

      I think she should have been 4th runner up and not Maryland.

      • Well that’s your opinion and my opinion and my eyes says and sees otherwise;)

      • I agree with you Jeremi…
        I think Rhode Island looks vetter than Oklahoma. 🙂

  4. She was appointed as Miss World USA as the first runner up in Miss California USA. The same modeling agency handling Miss California USA has the franchise for Miss World. Technically, she only won Miss USA fair and square. But will be the 1st woman American woman to be in both pageants.

    • When Olivia Jordan competes at Miss Universe 2015, she will become the second in pageant history to represent the United States at two major international competitions. Previously, Jordan competed at Miss World 2013. Andrea Neu competed at Miss International and Miss Earth..


  5. Mas maganda itong Miss USA crown na ito kaysa yung huli from DNC. It’s even better than the MU crown.

  6. Sana sa atin puede rin sumali ang past Binibining Pilipinas Queens sa Miss World Philippines and vice versa.

  7. Shandi Finnessey, Miss USA 2004, was the last time a nordic-type (blonde-blue/green eyed) beauty was crowned.

    It was pleasant to see an ethnically-mixed group of a top 15. Diversity is the spice of life. Congratulations Olivia Jordan of Oklahoma!

    Let’s go Pia, wait… more importantly let’s all hope there actually WILL BE a Miss Universe pageant in 2016.

    • So si Miss USA 2009 Dalton ay negra? Kaloka blonde din sya, kapatid nya sumali as Miss North Carolina This year pero nganga

  8. Oklahoma is cute and her dress made her noticeable.
    Nevada and Rhode Island are gorgeous, too bad they both didn’t do well in the Q&A portion.

  9. I was thinking the same that she’s the first american to win both pageants till i read some article that she was only appointed as Miss World USA 2013. Which is which?

    • She was appointed Miss United States 2013 for Miss World 2013. Back then, a modeling agency was in charge of getting representatives to miss world. the miss united States organization only started in 2o14 to have the pageant winner be the representative!

  10. I admire you tito norms and your blog.. but i thought it was not necessary to highlight that megan defeated her in miss world. while it is true, you made it sound like “she won miss usa but megan was better”. a mere “she also competed in miss world 2013” would have sufficed

    but just my two cents… 🙂

    • Re-reading the post, I believe what Tito Norman wanted to highlight was not her defeat from Megan, but that although she was defeated by a Filipina at Miss World, Miss Universe is an entirely different stage so it doesn’t follow that she will also be defeated by Pia. The full context of Tito Norman’s statement actually favors Miss USA and in fact even advises to Pia to strategize well to give Miss USA a good fight. In short, ang basa ko, may hint si Tito Norman na hindi pang Miss World ang beauty niya kaya siya natalo kay Megan at baka mas may chance na pang MU siya kaya dapat siya paghandaan ni Pia. Tama ba ako Tito Norms?

    • Somehow somewhere Megan’s name will pop up, and that Pinoys will start insinuating that Megan is better. Pinoys have a habit of making every story about PInoys.

  11. Is it just me or Miss USA’s crown, although almost similar to MU’s crown, looks better and more elegant looking than the latter?

  12. Interesting that it almost became a back-to-back California win… because… both Nia Sanchez and Olivia Jordan competed at Miss California USA a few years ago and though both placed, neither won a state crown until they moved to a different state. Brie Gabrielle (who is a good friend of Olivia Jordan and also competed at Miss California a couple of years ago) just won the Miss Florida USA crown the other night and will be competing at Miss USA next year so, who knows, we may have another former California contestant win again.

    • ooooppppssss…. I wrote my comments before reading your post, he he… I just based it on the title..

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