42 comments on “Sunday Specials: Who will win Miss USA 2015?

  1. 4th RU – Nevada
    3rd RU – Rhode Island
    2nd RU – Maryland
    1st RU – Texas
    Miss USA 2015 OKLAHOMA

  2. got 3 out of 5, not bad ….. yeeehaaw !
    my final 2 Texas and Rhode Island…
    Spolier -Oklahoma !!!
    Miss USA 2015 is Rhode Island !

  3. SS Comp …. lookin good Oklahoma, Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Maryland !!

  4. My bets are:
    Miss USA: Maryland
    1st Maine
    2nd Georgia
    3rd Massachusetts
    4th New York

  5. Alabama and utah has the great chances of winning the new crown. They are both showed a great performaces together with rhode islands. But the last 2 standing in my list is Alabama and Utah. I am really rooting for Arizona. But after watching the preliminary again . im sad that the crown wants Miss Utah also Miss Alabama. I can see in the face of Miss alabama the reaction of winning. Shes visibly beautifull, confidence. pang MU sya. But even i dont found those things i found in Miss Alabama. To Miss Utah, My minds telling me that Miss Utah might win. She got the height, the body, the walk, the beauty, the face, so stunning, fierce. Mas pang MU ang dating nya pero less confidence compare kay alabama, facially makita mo talaga confidence kay alabama. I found confidence to maureen too. She gave great performance. She got me. But her make up and hair style made me disappointed. Parang naguluhan ako sa itsura nya that time. D ko na notice ang winning reaction during prelim performaced. Mas gusto ko pa ang hair style nya sa IG photoshoot kesa sa prelim. But evrything will change kung makapsok sya sa top 20 til top 10 hopefully improved they give her the best looks for her, hopefully may isa pa syang gown. Rhode islands d ko masyado pinansin that time but after watching again she has the potential too, sexy, grabe ang curved. Medyo payat pero she exudes confidence, turn off lang sa gown nya at hair style. Pero may chance sya. Other contenders for me Ohio, Maryland, california
    Top in my list
    Rhode islands
    Ohio / Mary land/ California

    • Hey watch this!! Is this the curve you are pertaining to? Grabe si Miss Rhode Island nakakalula ang kaseksihan…😀😀😀 pag siya nanalo Gud luck Pia!!

  6. Wow, interesting you have Vermont on your list, Norman… even all the way to Top 5. She never quite registered for me. I think this is the first prediction list I’ve seen her included in. That’s what’s great about this pageant — there does not seem to be a front runner… so it is pretty much everyone’s crown to win. Exciting!

  7. I would really like Alabama and Arizona to win. Maryland is the dark horse for me. Mame Adjei…what a name 😉

  8. Agree with your top 5 tito norman. Louisiana seems to be a crowd favorite. Bet ko din ang New York.

  9. Crowning Miss Maryland would definitely shed a positive light towards the African-American community especially at this time since the tragic church shooting and the protests along with the black churches being burnt down, and etc. They’ve all been through a lot lately. Miss Maryland could be a great leader and definitely give her fellow African-Americans something to be proud of. GO MAMÉ ADJEI – MISS MARYLAND FOR FOR MISS USA 2015!

  10. cheap crown–parang wonder woman superhero lang ang peg!! gosh this pageants are becoming a joke!

  11. I really hope that one of these ladies will be crowned as Miss USA 2015:
    1. Oklahoma
    2. Arizona
    3. Rhode Island
    4. Alabama
    5. Georgia

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