32 comments on “Jeannie Mai gives up on Miss USA

  1. Carrybells nadin sakin wala sya sa Miss USA and MU. Not a big deal. For me lang ha!?
    Edi wala na magsasabi ng yellow os the collor of joy.

  2. I hope wall na run say sa Miss Universe kasi malinaw naman na ayaw nya yung mga Pilipina.

    • Naku Laila…what you think if mabili nung Thailander na may ari ng Miss Grand International and Miss Universe? Ala lang random thoughts lang..hehe

      • feeling ko slim ang chance na lumabas ng USA ang ownership ng MUO

  3. Since for the past years shamcey sup sup, ariela arida was chosen as web presenter of MU. Theres a possibility that DT will choose Pinay para ipalit kay Mai. I want MJ as co host of MU or Janine. Teka does janine was a web presenter din before? Kung yes, 100% sure pinay ang kukunin ni DT dahil sunod sunod ang taon ng pagiging web presenter ng pinay sa MU so possible as co host naman.

  4. They should replace with Janine Tugonon. For one they kinda look a like. And she’s not doing much in LA. She needs a job anyway so I’m sure she’ll take the offer.

  5. I support her decision. At least she’s standing up for what is right instead ofkissing the boss’s ass. How dare DT accuse all Mexicansof sending crcriminals and rapist. Hello? Isn’t it the white American man that shot a cinema full of people, a school full of children, even a church full of worshipping people? Isn’t it statistically shown that a large percentage of white men have been caught with pedophelia and rape. Aren’t a lot of serial killers that have raped and murdered women and children white Americans? If you’re going to criticize and insulting a whole nation, first look at your people..

  6. At least viewers will not have to endure her yearly recycled evening gown commentaries anymore.

  7. ohh thank goodness im so sick of her!!!
    this info made my day. Greeting from Australia
    I love Pia hopefully the phils and Aust last two standing …..

  8. Paging Mr. Trump…. Toni Gonzaga is ready if you want another asian to co-host Miss USA and MU 🙂
    Walang kokontra…Opinion ko yan 🙂

  9. I like her. but I don’t like that she took sides. The only reason anyone knows her is because of DT. She should have just kept her mouth shut.

  10. I love Jeanie Mai… She always roots for us Asians… I hope DT sells his ownership of MU soon!

    • Sister, nagpaissue na ako ng PDC’s ko para bilhin ang MU Org for the sake of world peace 😛 #charot

    • @c2f, if it was true than she favored Asian candidates, then she made the right decision to quit. There’s no way anybody in her position should give any kind of special treatment (e or i) to a particular candidate or candidate group.

      • @Fabian

        Rooting for someone is different from favoring someone… Does she root for an Asian to win? – YES.. Does she give any favors to a particular candidate? – NO… Anyway, what special favor can she give? She’s just a comentator not a judge.

  11. I hate it. i just hope DT will just leave MUO / MUsa alone! let Paula handle this pageant and org! Simula ng magsalita siya this organization is falling down. focus on his presidential bid! my golay!

    nakakainis tong si DT! malayo pa ang MU season, sana maayos lahat! haaay last year was a sad year for MU since delayed ang edition nila. mas malala pa pala now. nyeta ka DT!

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