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  1. Just plain and simple. Mr. Donald is right and correct to say Paulina is a Hypo, why? Well, if you asked my opinion, she disagree with her Boss racist comment and yet, does not give up her crown? Why would she still conntinue to work with a racist Boss who degrade people, like Mr. Donald, by not giving up the MU Crown? That’s an added insult to an injury, per se. Where is Paulina’s dignity or value if she trully disagree with Mr. Donald racist comment. It is because, Paulina has a vested interest for keeping up the crown, no matter how her Boss for being a racist. Crowns, Titles, and Beauty will fade away, but dignity and value will remain forever. Words are not enought to show her disapproval of Mr. Donald racist comment, but without action, if I consider it a big hypocrite, at all. Even her country Columbia did the right thing for not sending their representative to the MU2015 and why until now she’s still not giving up the MU Crown? As a matter of fact, all winners of the MU2015 should give up their titles to show that racist and bigotry has no room in our generation, no matter how rich or famous you are? I am even wondering why until now, Mrs. Araneta is mum about her position. Remember, her country of origin, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Panama already signified their position not to send their representative to the upcoming MU2015. I believe that any Country who intentionally send off their representative to the up coming MU2015, truly support Mr. Donald as a racist. That’s all. Nothing personal. Period. End of Story. Lol

  2. Life is actually simple. When you say something ; does something; expect something good or bad in return .

    I accepted that DT s remarks to one race is Hurtful – that s one fact. But if you go deeper it s not; because even before he went out to do that speech , it has been based by facts and or studies check and double check by people under him.

    That makes another to retaliate and does her own thing WITHOUT considering the consequences ; just trying to prove that “I HAVE A VOICE “- which led for DT ( aka Billionaire Boss ) to defend his ego as well calling her HYPOCRITE – which in fact is true .

    The argument of having being an Employer ” answered back by an employee is a big NO NO to ” boses ” . Yes they are human and the re doings maybe not our way . Their arguments maybe not as simple as how we think ; that s why they are our boss and we are the subordinate . Their thinking is different that s why they have had become the boss… that s why they are there – because if not; it should had been you.

    Its kind of funny that someone (i just met in this forum ) has corrected his boss / maybe in the most polite way or whatever way he has done. But i bet he just made it in order to refrain from being ridiculed 🙂 and there are this “Minions ” around just liking and agreeing without any basis / or maybe to bully me more 🙂

    My opinion may not be accepted by the people who has disagree on me from the past hours. Although reviewing your comments on Paulina s issue is really inconsistent – play safe – and stupid i respect to disagree 🙂

    I know you will never back down and neither do i 🙂
    I never wanted to change your mindset ; but im still not buying your s either.

    I wonder what the author will side to 🙂 just asking!

    • Shk. Ayesa’, there’s a stark contrast between merely hearing things out and listening.
      Let me break down these grounds for you from your statements:

      1st paragraph: Agree. It’s also known as “The Golden Rule”.

      2nd paragraph: What do you have to say about these news on DT giving inconsistent facts during his speech? (Please refer to the links provided at the next comment box below).
      On O’Reilly: Please bear in mind that this form of tv program is meant to stir controversies to attract viewers, not necessarily the whole truths.

      3rd paragraph: Consequences or not, she already responded. Although DT owns MU, MUO is already an entity in its own right. It can stand by itself if need be. (In case you get confused, please know that my previous very 1st comment in this thread is as a viewer expressing an observation about Paulina’s letter having opposing sides which made DT reply the way he did.)

      4th paragraph: I hope you understand that some of the people here may actually have been to a meeting or corporate meetings probably like Kalurker who has handled people. It requires good exchange of ideas from owners, CEOs and managers alike and at times competent representatives from the rank-and-file so issues can be dealt with appropriately. Have you ever been to one? Also, some people prefer to serve other companies, not own. It’s not only that they didn’t have the talent for it or are lacking resources. Successful businesses prefer feedbacks, hence the comment sheets for consumers and weekly company meetings. Some companies have adopted this form of practice too these days because it generates higher productivity ratings among their workers. Your argument on “no voicing out opinions to bosses” may be mainly applicable to owner-follower type of business relationships, corporations don’t necessarily follow that lead. Additionally, when you do open up as an employee, make your points reasonable enough and give several well-thought of solutions at the same time. Three great solutions per problem if you can. Bosses don’t want to waste their time on nonsense. Employees who sight problems only but not solutions have been deemed by the management as part of the problem. Concerns can either be presented personally or in writing (e.g. emails, memos and formal letters).

      5th paragraph: Did you try asking everyone if all the likes here were really meant to bully you? Can it not be that they agree with Kalurker’s opinions more than yours, probably because they find it more substantive?

      6th paragraph: It is very inappropriate to consider the people’s ideas here as stupid. By this word, it appears that you are considering yourself to be far more superior to others.

      7th paragraph: Is it not progressive to keep an open mind, explore all grounds, and cover all the basis rather than merely sticking to one idea? Is it not the point of having these open discussions? The purpose of comment boxes and threads like this is to express views. It’s up to the reader to change his/her mind after reading.

      Lastly, let us all be here as learned individuals. Time and time again, some comments may prove to be more substantial than ours. Some may appear farfetched but that could be because they wish to give everyone a good laugh (some just have that great sense of humor you know, which I love by the way :D). The great thing is we can learn from these ideas. Anyone’s opinion is as valuable as much as ours. Remarkably, they evolve into discussions that can be great sockets for us to arrive at structured insights of things. In time, when we are called to apply these gathered structured ideas, we become better at judging events after being able to distinguish the better ones.

  3. @Sapin-sapin – Don’t twist my words. Basahin mo muna lahat before you start quoting me. Learn to comprehend. I KNOW IT’S HARD FOR YOUR TINY BRAIN, but try it hija. Baka umasenso ka pa.

    Let’s put this in terms na maiintindihan mo.
    Alalay ka ni MJ. Na late na naman kayo, dahil sa katangahan mo, maling damit ni MJ ang na plancha mo. MJ’s driving the car, but she gets distracted by a phone call. She starts veering from the road and swerves to the other lane. She doesn’t see the truck coming her way. Hindi, mo sya pagsasabihan? MJ all the way ka pa rin? “Go Mj, go!”, lang ang alam mo? Will you wait until she realizes her mistake? Too late – bangga na kayo. She was smart to wear her seatbelt. Since tanga ka, you don’t. You fly through the window. Goodbye Mrs Sapin-sapin.
    Sinong may kasalan?

    • @kalurker – You would be an owner of a 5 star restaurant that is famous for its class, efficiency and service.

      @shk.ayesa’- You would be the award winning executive chef whose recipes make the restaurant famous and the owner and customers satisfied.

      @spainhour – Your 15 minute break is over. Put your panties back on and get back to washing them damn dishes in the kitchen! LOL

    • best comment in this thread @Kalurker. buti ka pa may sense, hindi puro dada lang



  5. @kalurka – you accept constructive criticism which makes you an exellent boss. Bravo!

    @shk.ayesa’ – you have the utmost respect for your boss which makes you a reliable and loyal employee. Bravo!

    @spainhour – get on your broom, fly to MJ’S mansion and clean her kitchen. LOL

  6. She should step down. She doesn’t know how to make a stand.
    Her boss doesn’t support her anymore
    Ano isusuot niyang gown come MU2015? Sako ng bigas?
    Korona niya? Dahon ng ipil-ipil?
    Wait. In that case, wag siya magresign. That’ll be so funny 🙂


  8. @ Kalurke… This is my argument with you.

    Ms Vega (who happened to be 2015 Miss Universe ) is working under Donald Trump and or NBC and or Paula Shugart. Meaning she is an employee .

    DT made a statement about the Mexicans not bringing the BEST in the USA etc etc

    Mexico withdrew Miss Universe 2015 candidate. NBC un-supports DT remarks and withdraws Miss USA and Miss Universe airing.

    Vega made her statement , but wants to keep her crown ( a free ride for a stupid employee – she should have mum ) (Is her opinion necessary BTW; was she asked? )

    DT fires back to Vega calling her Hypocrite

    I am an employee but I don’t want to be an employee until I get old. But whatever my boss is doing good or bad, I just see her vision and reasoning ” how and why “…then I remember she is still my boss. AND I LEARNED AND IS STILL LEARNING

    Am I a “kiss ass”? NO . I don’t think so. Do I play safe? NO, not even.

    Now do you get me?

    If not I will make it simplier…

    Kung ikaw nagtratrabaho at nangangamuhan lamang , di mo kailangan sabayan ang amo mo at sagutin kung ikaw ay pinapalamon at ang kinakabuhay mo ay galling sa kanya; kahit na sabihin mong nagtratrabaho ka ng husto. Kasi kung hindi mo na gusto ang palakad simple lang…UMALIS ka na.

    DT called Vega a hypocrite cause she made a statement to DT but wanted her crown still.

    If (only) Vega resigned her post ( after her statement ), I believed DT would have applauded her or he wouldn’t have made the “hypocrite ” remarks.

    You do not have to love it ; but you do not have to hate it either.

    DT is a Billionaire he can do whatever he wanted 🙂

    • I have never been a fan of Paulina. I think she should give up the crown. Yes, she is an employee of the MU organization. She was chosen because she is supposed to have the beauty and personality that can best represent the organization. But bare it mind, she is a latina, just like Mexicans. DT’s crass statements were made indirectly to her people. Should she idly stand there and take it? As a “confidently beautiful” woman, she has the right to defend her convictions when under attack. Again, should she give up her crown? I think so. But then again, MU still regard themselves as an independent entity from DT.
      You can disagree with your boss and still be supportive at the same time. It’s a matter of professionalism. I have done so in the past. I was hired not simply to be a yes man. You can prove your worth, not acting like a trained dog, but by providing insights and opinion on matters that count.
      If you have a captain that’s steering your ship to into iceberg, convinced that’s he’s taking the right course, will you just stand there and say, “aye sir”? Or will you let him know the dangers of his decisions? If he insists on continuing, will you stay on board?
      Bosses are just like any human beings. They not infallible.
      Yes, DT is a billionaire, yet his actions STILL have consequences just like any of us.

      • You dnt get what u are saying …you are talking professionalism but yet you dnt understand the concept of having a boss and on the boss es side during at times like these. You do not wash your hands and throw your boss off the bus ? YOU JUST KEEP QUIET.

        You were saying” you can disagree with your boss and still be supportive at the same time” – did Paulina practised this ? NO because she is stupid enough to come out and tell something insignificant to the world and yet dod not give up the crown !

        What do u think did DT felt when her ” so called confidently beautiful – chosen one ” bashes him in a vague manner ? Of course u dnt know 🙂 cause u never emphatized how he felt .

        She (Vega ) got hurt because she was a Latina ( although DT didnt mention Colombian ) …

        Have you heard of ” Vegas ” ?

        I wonder if your boss was a millionaire…u cant relate no wonder 🙂

      • woah there people, when Nia gave a statement about Miss USA and Miss Universe, most people were like, “oh buti pa siya nagbigay ng statement” or “bakit pati Miss universe dinedefend nya” or “nasan na ba yang Paulina na yan?bakit walang imik?wala talagang silibi. worst Miss U ever”. Tapos nung nagbigay na ng statement si Paulina, reklamo pa rin kayo? ano ba talagang gusto nyo?

    • @Shk, I think it’s you doesn’t understand, take a sit and shut your hole.
      If you’re strong argument is “You just keep quiet”, then it’s pretty lame. Keeping quiet when you see something wrong usually makes matters worse.
      All I’m saying is there’s nothing wrong in standing up for what you believe in, if you know you’re right. It’s call conviction. There’s nothing wrong in expressing your opinion, even if it goes against your boss’. There is always a way where you can express this in a way that it is done in a professional manner.
      I don’t get the relevance of my boss having millions, which incidentally he has. Working for a Fortune 500 company does that to you.
      A good boss knows how to utilize his employees to make him a better boss. This is what I do with people who work for me. I don’t quash their options. I try to hear them and judge if they have merit. It’s what a good manager does.
      Again, I agree with you you that Paulina should give up her crown, but maybe, her direct boss, Paula Shugart, might have other plans we are not privy to.
      As for DT, yes, I do not empathize with a racist. His billions does not give him the right to be an asshole.
      As for the other responder (Mrs. Sapin- spin sour), there’s more to life than MJ. hihihi (ugh!)

      • But that’s your boss!!! That is why i told u earlier, if u can t live with the way ur boss does things , u better leave.

        Let s put it this way …if u were DT and Paulina is ur employee what would u do ?

        On the note that DT was a racist 🙂 everyone is …even us Filipinos identify ourselves and separate ourselves with our own .

        The relevance of asking if ur boss was a millionaire is that at least u know how things work…oh btw maybe u were a manager but doesnt directly report to the head …thats why u dnt know how things work 🙂

        I bet you never corrected your boss; even if u are the CEO.Because if u were- u just resign 🙂

      • Good God, this is getting repetitive!
        Just because you keep repeating your logic does not make it right.
        Again, bosses are not perfect. They are humans too who can make mistakes. As a responsible employee, it’s your job to speak up when you see something wrong in the way the company is being run. Yes, you can leave, but don’t you owe it to your yourself, your boss and the company to state what you think is wrong?
        I would never be DT, because I’ll never be as big an asshole as he is. But, if I was Paulina’s boss and she tweets something that disparages me, I will talk her down in my office and hear out her grievances. I will not tweet back or go on social media and go on like an angry child. As boss, you take the high road (that’s something DT knows nothing about). If we can’t come up with agreed terms, she can quit (as she should in this case). Again, so you understand, I think Paulina should give up the crown, but that’s her choice.
        Yes, everybody has degrees of racism. You can be racist, just be ready for the consequences.
        Yes, I talk to the President of my company. Yes I know how things work in here. No manager will reach his position, without knowing how the company works.
        Yes, I’ve voiced out my opinions, some of which were contrary to my boss’. I do so in a professional manner. I’m lucky that he listens to other people’s opinions. I’m grateful that he sees the value of that and has rewarded me accordingly.
        I think I’ve addressed all your questions in this matter.
        Any further inquiries, please refer to my previous posts.

      • A simplier equation for the “grass root “:

        BOSS = MOTHER


      • Last I checked, Miss Universe is a pageant for women, not children. They are for grown women. Adults capable of independent thought.

      • If my employee expects me to “mother” him, then he’s fired. I’m not running a childcare facility.
        I believe my boss doesn’t want to babysit his employees on a daily basis either.
        It’s a job for adults. You’re there to contribute your thoughts and opinions on matters that will grow the company.

      • A good Boss always ask the opinion or grievances of his employees privately not infront of all other employees. WIth this, I agree with Karlurker. Trumpt should not tweet those lines. It’s a sign of professionalism. Employees can always voice out their opinions as a concern for the company. Depende na lang kung ang employer-employee relationship ay sa “AMO – KATULONG”, which is usually a “NO-YES” relationship. Sorry if I had to cite that as an example.

      • @ Mrs. Sapin-sapin, learn to read.
        I think all the fumes you use at the parlor is getting to you. Funeraria parlor, that is.

  9. By what MU grounds can Paulina Vega be dethroned, if i may ask? ….by being a bitch? I don’t suppose so.
    DT finally met his match, a bitch frankenstein he helped created.

    Keep this tabloid news rolling. I love love love bitchy articles.
    Ha ha !!!

  10. Always remember, Truth hurts!

    And the TRUTH will set you free!

    May katotohanan sa tweet ni DT kay Paulina!

    Yun lang!

    Mabuhay ka DT!

    I-dethrone na iyang Paulina na iyan.

    She don’t deserve the crown even from the start!!!

    Tawa ko lang kapag nangyari!

  11. Any publicity is good publicity. As much as Donald Trump is a racist cunt, he is clever in bringing all the attention to him especially when he is running for president.
    As for Paulina Vega, she needs to be a ride and die bitch or just shut the hell up.
    In the end of the day he is still her boss and her keeping the crown after saying her true feelings is not really helping her image. Who’s side is she really on.
    In the end of the day I hate what Donald Trump said and he desserves all the backlash. For all the Filipino’s here that are mocking the Mexicans, be ashamed of yourselves. America is built on the backs of immigrants especially Mexicans. Therefore this billionaire should no better as to make an ignorant and generalizing statement.

  12. Oh for crying out loud! When will this madness end? I for one am sick and tired of this DT drama with the MUO.

    Bring on Miss World!

  13. OMG…. ahhahaha… gudbye 3rd crown for Colombia. just wish trump will sell his share from MUO.

  14. I can’t believe how some of the people here can defend Trump’s idiotic statements!
    Paano kung mga Pilipino ang pinuntirya niya?
    Try to replace Mexico with Philippines, and I’m sure magtatarum kayoing lahat.
    What if he said “The Filipinos bring in drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people”, will you still support MU? I doubt it.

    • Well, he could never say that because majority of Filipinos are decent principled hardworking people who are the backbone of many multi-billion dollar industries in the world that includes all his investments…

      • Some people have no comprehension, like Mrs. Spainhour.
        You can not say that walang masamang pinoy. Everywhere you go, may masama at may mabuti.
        There are plenty of hard working Mexicans as much as there are hard working Filipinos. The US economy would collapse without the hard work of immigrants.
        My point is Trump is a racist. He generalizes all immigrants in his stupid assumptions.
        I totally understand why the Latinos would back out of his businesses including MU.
        Mrs. Spainhour, ayos na ba ang US visa mo? Blacklisted ka pa rin ba?

      • Hindi lang mga Pilipino ang mga hardworking. Most immigrants here in the US, including Mexicans work hard to provide for their families back home. At hindi rin lahat ng mga Pilipino ay mabuti. Please expand your horizon. Mahirap ang makitid ang utak.

      • @Kalurler

        Any nationality has good and bad traits but my point is if Trump did say anything negative about Filipinos then it would be catastrophic for him and his businesses. I believe he likes us Filipinos and regardless, we should still be gratefull to him since he did contribute in helping us when our disaster stricken fellow Filipinos were in need. Some of us shouldn’t feel attacked about his racist rants since he wasn’t aiming at us.

      • “Some of us shouldn’t feel attacked about his racist rants since he wasn’t aiming at us.”
        Just because it’s not aimed at us does not make it right. A racist comment is just that, racist. It shouldn’t be condoned or tolerated.
        Just because he has given aid to the Philippines, doesn’t necessarily mean he likes us more than Mexicans, It means, he sees an opportunity and he will take it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about DT, is that he didn’t get rich by being a nice guy.

      • @Kalurker

        IMO, He did make a good choice in keeping is in debt of grattitude and for that I did not say that we should tolerate his actions. Instead, we should at least not act more affected than those people who are real victims to his insensitive and ignorants statements.

      • may point si madam @kalurker. saka yung statements nya halatang pinag isipan. si @c2f din mukhang pibag isipan ang mga statements, pero mas may sense lang talaga si Kalurker

    • @ Kalurker …Here is my only question to you . Are you working ? Then if your answer is yes …you are the idiot!!! You do not know what you are saying 🙂

      Even if your boss is wrong , you should always makes him good. That s if u want “power”- read the book.

      Kris Aquino once quoted – “It s better to keep quiet than Bullshit!”

    • To Shk. Ayesa, yes I’m working and I have proven my worth that my boss respects my opinion. I am not a slave who says yes to everything my boss says, kahit mali siya. It is my job to point out what is wrong and how to improve the company like a good employee.

      • Really…you can point out that your boss is wrong ! I dare u an example 🙂

        Please be specific 🙂

      • @ Mrs. Spainhour, I am fortunate enough to reach a position where I have people who work for me.
        It was a struggle, and I did not get there by being subservient. I had to use my mind. Try doing that sometime. It might pay off for you.

      • @Mrs. Sapin-sapin – You asked, I merely responded.
        Stay in school kids and don’t do drugs, otherwise you can end up being a tragic queen. hihihi (annoying!)

    • I think Kalurker is misquoted here. He or she simply said what if the statement of Donald Trump was directed to Filipinos. Knowing Filipinos, I am sure too, many if not all of us would react the same way as the latinos. As for the Mexican immigrants, they are as hard working as us Filipinos. They also came to America hoping for a better life. They are doing the jobs that americans don’t want to do like fruit pickers, janitors, household workers etc etc with a minimal pay. Though Filipinos have a better record than them as immigrants, majority of Mexicans are good people and have contributed hugely to the US’ economy since time memorial. I wish Donald Trump should have said this thing in a different way. Mr. Trump started started his statement with “When Mexico sends its people to America, they are bringing drugs etc etc.” By this alone is insensitive, immature, not a well-thought statement.

    • WALA kasi’ng ibang laman ang utak ni Mrs_spainhour kundi puro MJ lang,,,,,


  16. While it is true that illegal immigration is a problem along America’s borders, it is concerning to simply stereotype these people as anything but well-intentioned. That’s why some Latin countries, huge companies and prominent individuals stood up against DT in hopes that at least he would rephrase what he said. It’s not about bringing a perennial problem to the fore, or DT’s bravado, or DT even. It’s how it was delivered. It may be about reputation to the Latin community, but to all others who are fighting, it’s standing up against stereotyping and prejudices.

    On the other hand, it’s understandable why DT said what he said about Paulina Vega. It isn’t clear in her statements as to how she will exactly alleviate the sentiments of the Latin community, even though she heard them. It won’t be surprising if he will withdraw his support to her reign. DT is known to backfire. Maybe so too for some Hispanics.

    • Then maybe you can advice DT how to deliver it properly. He s a billionaire…that speech would have been reviewed before it was spoken .

      • For all we know, DT may already have the best advisers in the world and the most well-meaning of comrades. Still. As they say: No matter the tosses, no matter the amount, no matter the appearance, no matter the use – a nugget remains insignificant until someone places value.

        Wouldn’t you agree?

    • Yup at dapat nakaganyan na lang sya lagi kahit naglalakad sa stage be it in SS and long gown competition…hahahaha Joke lang po!

  17. I never thought that a billionaire like Mr. Trump would go down the drain like this..Well a proof that money can not buy class. Palengkera!

  18. He can run but I doubt he’ll win. As for Paulina, mum is the word. There’s always a good time to speak your mind.

  19. Donald Trump shouldn’t be prosecuted for telling his own opinion. His words were taken out of context, he said that Mexico sends their illegal immigrants to the US and later commit crimes but he also said that not all Mexican immigrants are like that. This is true, Immigrating illegally to the US is by itself a crime. And there are thousands of them who are involved in drug cartel and other illegal activities. In San Diego, authorities found a sophisticated man made tunnel between Tijuana, Mexico and ChuLa Vista in San Diego where Mexicans transport illegal drugs. Indeed Trump just stated what million thinks about illegal immigration. Donald Trump is a whip of fresh air in American politics, he tells the truth that others are afraid to say.
    With regard to Paulina Vega, she should just kept her mouth shut. Her statement is inappropriate and unprofessional. MUO aka Donald Trump is her boss. She lives in Trump’s 5th avenue high rise condominium. She has no shame. She should be dethroned.

    • Well everyone knows about the immigration thing and various politicians have spoken about it, the only difference is in the way Trump has expressed his views hence the huge backlash. You can be very vocal but intuitive and diplomatic specially for an aspiring president of the most powerful nation in the world.

      • Mister Norman, I wonder why Filipinos doesn’t have the same opinion on how Duterte’s speak his views. He is no way politically correct and yet thousands urge him to file for presidential candidacy. Duterte even said he will kill people who commit crimes in his city. He was criticized by the Justice secretary Leila de Lima and Human rights activist (I forgot her name) but people still take his side and hold him to a pedestal. So why criticize how Trump expressed himself? In America, we are proud that we can express our thoughts without being politically correct without fear of backlash, we are protected by our constitution’s First amendment. What americans hate is a lying politician. That’s why Trump is second highest in presidential polls. And please dethrone that Vega already. She’s fired!!!

      • @Anastaszia

        That’s because if you compare Duterte to majority of our traditional politicians like Ramos, Enrile, Cojuangcos and many others who even have private private armies who massacred thousands of people who opposed them or for any of their own selfless benefits then Duterte is actualy an under-dog. People think that he has goodwill and he wouldn’t let any crime leader or any of the more powerful politicians to oppose that goodwill. It’s like picking the lesser evil since we barely have any other choice. If we chose a politician who’s heart is in the right place but lacks the iron fist, would he or she be able to battle those politicians who’s evil are already set on stone? We do need someone who can munch on death threats for breakfast. 🙂

      • @c2f, do not defend duterte by comparing him to enrile. One’s wrongdoings should not be justified by someone else’s .what do you want , an anarchy? Pls

      • @Fabian

        I’m just giving Anastaszia the answer to her question which is ” Why Filipinos doesn’t have the same opinion on how Duterte’s speak his views?” I’m not a fan of Duterte… I’m just sayin that most Filipinos are so desperate for change that most are willing to pick the lesser evil since we have very little choice to begin with.

  20. Tama naman ung remarks ni DT ah…nagagalit sila kasi makatotohanan ang sinasabi no Trump especially Hispanic immigrants. Hindi nalang nila tanggapin ung totoo naman…sabagay truth Hurts ika nga.

  21. “Remember ladies and gentlemen that the role of the First runner up is as important as the Title. In case the new winner cannot fulfilll her duties , then the first runner up takes over.”

    It was a wrong move for Paulina to make her statement. DT is still his boss. She should have kept her mouth shut !

    Either this is publicity stunt or not, i myself do not final DT wrong on his remarks. He is a Billionaire- of course it comes with ego.

    As Simon Cowel says ” you can be nice or you can tell the truth – I tell the truth”

  22. All this is either a BIG publicity stunt in order to put the spotlight on his presidential run and his pageants or… because of his huge surge in the Republican polls, his Ego has gotten bigger than what it already is and he’s out of control and is on self-destruct and he’s taking the pageants with him. With all the crowns he’s handed Latinas, backed up with his statement from last year that he hopes a Latina wins MU, it’s hard to image all this “stuff” as anything more than a publicity stunt propped up by his huge ego.

    What a shame…

  23. Can’t this old hag just STFU and get a life? for someone who wants to be a president of a country, he talks too much shit. Nakakairita.

  24. Hmmm… talking about adding fuel to the FIRE.. tsk..
    and he plans to run for president?
    Gudluck man..

  25. Whether Paulina will give up the crown or not, she should ensure the backing of millions or billions of MU fans worldwide. She or somebody else may start a petition like Save the Sash from DT. I am sure many will support her. This will definitely give her a esteemed place in pageantry history as the queen who stood by her values and principles.

  26. So true talaga na sya ang nag tweet nyan tito norms? Hmmm.paulina should give back the crown to DT mtapos syang sabihang hypocrite, mahihirapan syang pakisamahan si DT while continuing her Duties. Ive read sa columbia ang MU jan 2016 not sure pero kung totoo man, baka hinde din matuloy sa columbia if ever mag step down si paulina. Matatapos ang Miss USA na hinde na namn maanounce ang venue ng MU.

      • Yes and ive read last days na sa ibang lugar sa columbia gaganapin ang MU, i forgot the place.

    • Di ba si Paula Shuggart ang boss ni Paulina? yes, DT is a part owner but Paula is the president. she’s the one who runs the org. IDK also why Lupita Jones can’t understand that

      • I agree… but DT is the majority share holder which gives him the highest possition/authority in the organization…. higher than Shugart.

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