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  1. Anybody deciding can be engaged in a precarious position in these respects: One, if we support, DT might shelf the clamor of a nation to uphold the dignity of its people. Two, if we don’t, a lot will be left with dissolving jobs and ruined dreams. Three, if we support and MU/MUSA does become successful in airing, DT will likely continue his ownership since MU/MUSA is turning out to be good business anyway. Those involved may want to proceed because it is so close to the finals while the rest of the participants and interested parties will remain neutral until things will sanguinely slip through in history as no more than a glitch in the system. After all, the pageants promote cultural diversity and not politics. Unfortunately, the owner IS running for politics. So what now?

    Personally, I will continue to support MU/MUSA’s causes but only until the finals this year. I will have to plead for DT to step down. I am bound to wait until a new owner takes over the organization. Sacrifices will have to be made if change is needed.

    I thank DT for his indelible contribution and interest to the MU nonetheless, and the charities and people he helped support. Still, he has to move on without it. MU can’t be persistently associated with someone who is explicitly linked to politics or it will constantly tinge the credibility of the org. Either MU as an organization makes a stand to move out, or DT will. There may be some truths to DT’s speech, but not entirely. Sorry DT, but words do mean something.

    I guess all participating countries should make an alliance and make the historic agreement in writing that MU should be for the promotion of nations and their cultural diversities, be about valuing the uniqueness of the world’s people, showcasing strengths through each country’s noteworthy representative, championing talents and humanitarian causes, individual empowerment, and keep the revelry of advocating the core values of a humane society – a few being honor, congruity, respect and propriety. Simply leave government and politics to its leaders. The evolution of a unified principle will not only garner a firm regality to the MU and its winners but will congeal the organization’s position as a global heritage. Let MU be one of those few global celebrations that can do all that.

    • There are four things that make DT a liability to a wonderful organisation like MUO: one, he is actively engaged in partisan politics; two, his political views negate the values of inclusiveness and diversity that MUO upholds; three, his brutal frankness in voicing out his political views turns off many people; four, he is a shrewd businessman in running the organization that trumpets lofty ideals about a “confidently beautiful” life for all. For the sake of MUO, someone should buy out the stocks of DT in the business. The other question is: would DT sell?

      • Yep, a very strong case indeed Scorg. I think there is no question that DT is not a good embodiment of the MU’s ideals at this point. Donald Sterling was ultimately forced out of ownership when everybody collectively decided to abandon him after his racist remark. In whichever condition, there should be a movement first.

      • On spot scorg!

        @ jayce
        Good comparison of Donald Sterling’s situation who eventually was forced to sell his beloved Los Angeles Clippers. One major factor is that the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, was tremendously active in Sterling’s demise.

        There was such relief when owners changed hands. The entire basketball world and the city of Los Angeles moved on and the NBA continued to thrive in 2015.

        My question is who (or what) in the MUO or in the pageant world is equivalent to the NBA commissioner in authoritative power and prestige that would prompt or pressure DT to sell asap?

        It’s all about the contestants and the celebration of international beauties that hundreds of millions worldwide have enjoyed since the mid 1950’s.

        Donald Trump, with his business empire, will move on and still be a political hero or nemesis until his dying days. That said, hang in there PIA!

      • That’s right SC, no individual as powerful here in MUO but there are still influential figures and affiliates of the management who can join the stance. The long-standing collective effort of everyone including the pageant fans’ willingness to consciously unfollow the present MUO management will be MUO’s Adam Silver. But that is if and only when a rigorous movement is made. What is not apparent right now is whether everyone will jointly agree to detach from the current management, how much length is anyone willing to let go, how dependent the organization is to its owner, how strong the organization is by itself, who wants to buy, who is excited to support the next management, what will the next management adopt as a rule, and how will it project itself in years to come? These were some cards that played in Sterling’s then that can also be pivotal to the rise of a new, if not better, MUO now. Otherwise, people will have to contend with what’s there. On the upside, DT did well in supporting MU with all his money to burn.

        The element at the beginning of the fall of Donald Sterling can be viewed similarly here though. Huge companies stood up to fight, plus the concurrence of some famous characters, plus the public. However, in Sterling’s case, it can also be noted that there was a progressively strong push to oust from beginning to end. This is yet to be seen in MUO’s.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with what she said. Dinescribe lang naman niya yung platforms ng Miss USA and Miss Universe. Aside from that nag dagdag lang siya ng personal sentiments niya which is not that bad. Buti nga ito ginagawa niya yung duties and responsibilities niya as Miss USA 2014. Yung ginawa nga niyang pag explain ng Miss Universe ay hindi na nga niya trabaho yun. Eh etong si Paulina “nganga” Vega puro modeling stints lang.

  3. One cannot really separate the advocacy from the advocate, and from the spokespersons of the advocacy. How can one preach about living a “confidently beautiful” life when the head of the organization espousing this worldwide advocacy has nothing but contempt for people who cross country borders in desperate pursuit of precisely this “confidently beautiful” life? If they are torn between expressing their personal values and manifesting their loyalty to their boss, I would suggest that Nia Sanchez and Paulina Vega better just keep quiet.

  4. how about the message of the current miss u paulina vega of colombia? 🙂

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