24 comments on “Pull out of Miss Universe, Mexico just did.

  1. …and for sure Ku Klux Klan are back-upping DT’s campaign. 😉

  2. IMO, Pia’s chances of winning MU is getting bigger and bigger… and so does Miss China… the irony… hahaha

  3. I agree with you…I’m an American citizen and I’m tired of that problem. As I said the last time that I’m not voting for DT, but as of now I’m starting to like him.🗽🇺🇸

  4. Trump is vying to be the republican SB. If you have read the news, he improved in the latest surveys. He doesnt care about Miss Universe. He wants the White House. And I totally understand him.

  5. @Hunk.. thank you for.the vid.

    Ted Cruz represents the underlying fact that all Latinos are not the same. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, and Cuban-Americans -for the most part- arrive via political asylum.

    When it comes to illegal immigration, these two groups do not identify with that status. South Americans who immigrate to the U.S. are by and large educated and from middle to upper middle class families.

    They hate the notion that by their Spanish speaking heritage they are “all” Mexicans and assume they are illegal, uneducated and all other negative stereotypical generalities connected with the Mexican immigrant. That is the central theme of why “non-Mexican” Latinos took great offense at Trump’s comments. Heck, to a degree that is why some Filipinos/Fil-Ams also find it offensive in being mistaken as Mexican or Hispanic.

    Trump’s concern is a reality but his presentation addressing these issues were brash and offensive.

    I do give Trump credit as far as being the exact political prototype to tell the emperor that “he isn’t wearing any clothes” and could care less of public backlash.

  6. Mexico is out. Who will follow?

    Guatemala is contemplating about it. Puerto Rico is still participating. And for sure Venezuela and Colombia too.

    So if these countries withdraw as well: Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Argentina, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Ecuador – for sure the number of delegates will be back to the 70+ mark (assuming only Latin countries will back out)

  7. I do not think an immediate jump to another network will solve the irreversible downslide of DT’s pageantry business. In the near-term, Miss USA and Miss Universe show will be hard-pressed to retain the usual sponsors, much less to look for new sponsors and venue hosts. In the medium-to-long-term, participation of countries may wane.

    Branding is all about image and reputation. Like people who do not want to be seen in the company of baddies, rogues and pariahs, so are companies, institutions and products trying to project positive brand personalities.

    All these translate to unprofitable business.

    Can someone just buy the master franchise from DT?

  8. I think the issue is being sensationalized to the maximum level and it’s now blowing out of proportion. Trump only aimed at those ‘Undocumented’ evil doers against all human races. Though he mentioned ‘Mexican Drug…something, his campaign was not against Latin countries or Mexico but to those who are illegally staying in the USA. Whoever those attackers (media in all forms, of course) paid by Trump’s political or business rivals are the ones gaining the issue.

  9. Naku, baka makisimpatya ang ibang mga latin countries at i-pull out din ang kani-kanilang mga representative. I-pull out na rin natin si Pia! 😦

      • Huwag na lang magpalit. Pag hindi natuloy ang MU, si Pia na lang ang ilaban sa MI. At si Janicel sa next MU na lang ilaban.

      • Miss tissa, I don’t see pia in any intl beauty contest other than MU. If there is no MU this yr or next, I prefer that she transition from BQ to TV host/ star. I

      • Fabian, if there will be no MU until next year, mas bagay kay Pia na maging bida sa remake ulet ng MARIMAR after ni Megan. 🙂

  10. Will this be a big factor? There are so many Latin countries who join the contest. :/

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