23 comments on “N.B.C. (as in No Broadcast Channel) for Trump?

  1. Miss Universe has a great content. It’s not going to be a problem finding a network to air it. I suggest they put it on YouTube. OA ng MU Mexico, tingnan natin kung may ipapangsahod pa siya sa nga empleyado niya ngayong hindi na niya gagamitin ang brand na MU.

    • The MU franchise in Mexico is owned by Televisa not Lupita. Televisa is one if not Mexico’s biggest TV stations.

      • slight correction: was owned by Televisa till they severed business relations with anythign related to trump

  2. Good for pia kung mag pull out ang mga latina, sana matuloy ang MU ds year at huwag ng palampasin pa ng isang taon baka mag over age na si pia. Marame p din magaganda kung mawala mga latina. Maganda din si mexico. Tsk. It looks like ibang country name naman ang magpapasiklab sa MU. Super excited,

  3. I do not think an immediate jump to another network will solve the irreversible downslide of DT’s pageantry business. In the near-term, Miss USA and Miss Universe show will be hard-pressed to retain the usual sponsors, much less to look for new sponsors and venue hosts. In the medium-to-long-term, participation of countries may wane.

    Branding is all about image and reputation. Like people who do not want to be seen in the company of baddies, rogues and pariahs, so are companies, institutions and products trying to project positive brand personalities.

    All these translate to unprofitable business.

    Can someone just buy the master franchise from DT?

  4. He’ll simply switch to another network like Fox Broadcasting Company which is as Republican as he is.
    As far as sponsors are concerned, Miss Universe is still the most popular out of all the pageants out there. It will not be difficult for him to find other sponsors.
    Business as usual.

    • fox is his likely option but sponsors maybe difficult as most companies try to be as politically correct as possible and associating themselves with trump will not look good for them unless were talking about say Chik-Fil-A who made their opposition to marriage equality well known and look how that turn out for them.

  5. Donald Trump will not just sit idly on the withdrawals/termination. He is a fighter and surely, he will file cases.

    Well, Manila’s Trump Tower is a gem and I thank him for that. 🙂

  6. I’ve taken a break from pageants for a while, but this is too much to stay silent on. Good for NBC and everyone else who has dropped out for taking a stand against Donald Trump’s arrogance.

    If only ABS-CBN would do the same to a certain director who needs to change with the times.

  7. Donald Trump’s has forged a reputation of a shrewd businessman and ruthless politician. He loves these kinds of situations. He has a heart of steel and compassion as hard as iron. Negative publicity & public opinon are a plus for him and his legacy. He could care less if he’s liked or not.

    I’m afraid the individuals who stand to lose the most are these young ladies who worked hard and trained extensively to be able to compete at the cancelled Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

    I don’t think the other major networks will broadcast the two pageants either for fear of a public backlash. Could this be the beginning of the end of the MUO or a situation where Donald Trump will be forced out of the pageant mix?

    The cancellation of Miss USA and the precarious status of MU does have a silver lining for its rival pageants. The powers that be from the Miss World AND Miss America pageants are shedding NO tears for Donald Trump’s present controversy.

    Hang in there Pia!

  8. Troubling indeed. I read about this on line a few hours ago. My first thought was to wonder if all this was just a publicity stunt in order to draw attention to his quest for the presidency, Miss USA and MU? I hope so. If it’s not, it’s a shame. MU will always be my favorite pageant. I just wish DT would realize just how much the pageant means to so many and take care of it like a precious child, bring it back to its former glory and finally, let each entrant earn their position and not have “appointed ones” in the mix. Guess I should start lighting candles…

  9. wake-up call for trump and MUO.. a major major overhaul is needed, to bring back the prestige, and the glory days of MU…

  10. What do you expect? Many are getting tired or this guy’s racist remarks.

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