4 comments on “And the search for Miss USA 2015 begins

  1. Just so you guys know…NBC has officially cut ties with Donald Trump. N-B-freaking C is no longer doing business with the Trump. So in less than 2 weeks, he has to find a network that will air the Miss USA pageant here in the U.S

    Good luck lolo Donald.

    • So what happens now to Miss Universe? Will it be a repeat of last year when no country nor city wanted to host the event?

  2. NBC won’t be showing Miss USA..NBC just cut ties with Donald Trump for his comments against Mexicans and his show Celebrity Apprentice just got cancelled. And I highly doubt any of the other major networks are interested. Slow demise for Miss Universe

  3. And with Univision dropping airtime for Miss USA Pageant and Miss Universe Pageant, and the unearthing of a court case in Mexico about alleged million dollars of unpaid balances to DT for the holding of the MU contest years ago, and all the controversies DT is getting into– no thanks to his big mouth– would Miss USA still rake in good ratings?

    The girls are all so beautiful and do not have anything to do with these controversies. But it is the cynical viewing public that I am afraid might lose interest in a show reeking with showbiz-style publicity.

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