7 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Gentlemen of Misters of Pilipinas

  1. As the male counterpart of female beauty pageants, how do we then define male pageants? Is it just a showcase of beautiful face and body? Or fashion modeling skills? Or performing arts talents? I’d like to believe that the true measure of man is not limited to good physique and good fashion sense. It is what is inside his head and his heart– intelligence and character, courage and determination, passion and compassion. Ang kasabihan nga sa atin sa Pinas: ang tunay na lalaki ay di lang matikas ang tindig, kundi mayroon ding matibay na paninindigan.

    I hope in the search for male pageant kings (I am now confused on how to call the winners– neither they are beauties nor queens), the focus includes the attributes that make up a real man, not just physique.

    Having said this, I think the choice of Neil Perez was a step in the right direction. He is not just a looker but someone who exudes the aura of respectability and authority, and it is not just because he is a Policeman by profession. His principles, humility and sincerity are very transparent the way he speaks. That to me marks a real man. I hope this pageant organisation can find more Neil Perezes around.

  2. Bakit ba laging ganun ang posture ni Judah Cohen?

    hindi na nag-improve!


  3. Parang wala pa akong balita sa Mr. Tourism International 2015, Tito Norms. Kelan ba yun?

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