17 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: Mr. Gay World Philippines 2009 Wilbert Tolentino

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  3. Very good glamour shots. He never gets old. Always look young.

  4. A boss and a friend, two in one. Whoever thought that work-life would be so much fun. Thank you Boss wilbert!

  5. no words can express how kind and generous person he is . He may not be sociable enough to meet people who are pasosyal but he is truly a sincere friend and a sister. He truly loves the LGBT community.

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  7. Well for those of you who did’nt know Wilbert he is one of the most GENEROUS person in the world
    his generosity and the willingness to reach out and help other people UPLIFT their Welfare which makes him truly a well deserved ambassador for the LGBT COMMUNITY.

    He worked so hard to attain hes ICONIC status in the community by creating many businesses that generated many job opportunities for fellow LGBT members.

    He also represented very well in the international pageant bagging many special awards like BEST IN NATIONAL COSTUME and Popularity award.

  8. The first ever Mr. Gay World Philippines. A person with a huge heart and generous in helping others. He is truly an inspiration to the LGBT community.

  9. This man has a kind heart and a pure soul. He is brilliant and many aspects in life. I will always be here for you WILBS.

  10. x-men’s magneto (comics/cartoons version) inspired ba yung suot niya sa 1st pic? 😆

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