15 comments on “The new portraits of Maria Gigante

  1. I see Cindy Miranda, MJ Lastimosa, and a bit of Bea Santiago…. a real 5’8?… Seems like a winner….
    Philosophy major?…. I hope she also sounds like a winner… 😉 I want to see an interview and full body shots!

  2. Kahit hindi nabanggit kung anong camp cya, based on her VENEERS, eh KF cya 😛

  3. If indeed they are joining next year, my bets will surely be divided. If Eva is indeed joining, plus Maria, we also might add Gazini. Gosh! Ang hirap nito! And for sure I know one slot lang ibibigay for a Cebuana. Oh well.

    But I have a gut feeling that Eva and Gazini will be under KF (their handlers are KF Cebu) and Maria might probably go with A&Q (her handler Lemuel Rosos is I think affiliated with A&Q).

    And then next year, may Steffi Aberasturi pa. And probably Apriel Smith. Whew!

  4. oh my god she almost doesnt look pinay anymore. super latina vibes in the first pic. mejo weird lang kasi nakikita ko sa kanya si cindy miranda and bea santiago. but she’s really really beautiful.

  5. Wow! She’s MJ, Megan, Janicel & Bea rolled into 1. How tall & conversant is this stunner?

    • 5’8″ daw. Philosophy major. So, has had training in socially relevant issues. Converses really well personally. But she had some setbacks in public speaking during her Miss Cebu stint. Peformed really well during the Q&A of Reyna ng Aliwan.

  6. If you check her fb page, you will know that she’s very active in her advocacies, and that she can carry deep conversations and discussions on any issue. She looks so pinay coz she grew up in the beautiful island of Bantayan, Cebu where the beach is awesome. And just like Kris Janson, she’s good in hosting events.

  7. Sana di sila magsabay sabay kung sakali mag join sila.

    Eva Patalinjug
    Charmaine Elima
    Ema Tiglao
    Lorraine Kendrickson
    Angelie Ocampo
    Diana Mackey
    Anjie Balatbat
    Patrizia Bosco
    Julian Aurine Flores
    Carmella Michelle Dolmer
    Laura Lehmann
    Gazini Christiana Ganados
    Rachel Louise O. Peters
    Mary Angelique Manto

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