21 comments on “A Done Deal for Miss Earth 2015 in Vienna, Austria

  1. Hopefully miss earth will held pageants country by country each year not merely in the Philippines to maintain its prestige.

  2. OMG hope Mayor Haupl in the City of Vienna,will help to change the Venue of Miss Earth instead of Marks Halle will be moved out to Wiener Stadthalle,as Marks Halle is quite disgusting and very old,its not elegant and suitable for Worlds pageants for Beauty. Hope the Organizer of this Beauty pageant will ask for help and remind the organizer in Vienna the Miss Earth Austria for the sake of the Austrian People,the Venue is so quite disgusting,so please do something before everybody will be put on shame worldwide…..

  3. The ND of Austria went to the coronation of Miss Earth Switzerland before meeting with MEO. I’m thinking there could be pre-pageant activities in Switzerland. Same with Germany since Sina is also the ND there.

    Just my thoughts.

  4. The long wait is over.. Finally, Miss Earth is going to be a fabulous this year.. A huge congratulations to the MEorganization!

  5. So proud of them, pray and hope na sana tuloy tuloy pa din ang pagsubay bay ko sa mga pageants, kinahiligan ko na ito, isa sa mga hobbies ko is to visit pageants site, like this blog, watching pageants live kahit sa intenet o tv. Im afraid na mawala itong hobbies ko. Kinakabahan ako. Pero feeling positive ako.

  6. wow!!!! Austria ang venue..my favorite country to visit…YES!!!! Congrats ME, ibang level na to at Austria pa talaga venue..kakataba ng puso.,

  7. I am impressed too and I think it’s high time! Go Miss Earth I love you na starting this Dec. 2015

  8. Vienna is a truly beautiful city. What a great venue for Miss Earth! I hope this trend continues.

  9. Sabi ko na nga ba… kaya pala sila confident magpanalo ng Filipina finaly…. Dahil sureball nang may foreign host country at sa Europe pa!!! ūüėÄ Ibang level ka na Miss Earth!!!

    PS. Sana manlang sinama nila si Jamie Herrel at si Angelia Ong sa trip to Austria… Kuripot naman…. hmmmppffff!

  10. I loooooove it!!! It’ll be nice to see a major pageant in Europe again. It’s time and maybe, just maybe, it’ll peak Europe’s interest in pagents again and they can reclaim their glory in pageants once more. Here’s hoping…

  11. I love it.

    Inside, the venue is really big. Hope they fill the stage with swarvoski crystals – bongga!!!!

    hopefully nothing will damper this excitement like in 2006 and 2011 where financial crisis and natural disaster occured

    congratulations to Carousel.

    Reports of other European countries are also bidding for Miss Earth 2016 – signifying the pageant is very relevant

  12. Lumelevel up na talaga ang Miss Earth!
    Sa Austria pa, napakagandang lugar lalo na sa Zalsburg kung saan ginawa ang Sound of Music.

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