6 comments on “Sunday Specials: Have Scalpel, will Nip-and-Tuck

  1. As of this moment… I dont need any nips or tucks but if one day comes that I want to continue looking attractive, I don’t think there is anything wrong with going beyond having a healthy and active lifestyle… Hindi ko na kasalanan na mas malakas ang UV rays na nakakasira ng colagen sa skin due to global warming compaired to before. Kagagawan yan ng gobyerno natin na nag popromote ng traffic para gumamit ng gasolina na bumubutas sa ozon layer na protection natin sana sa UV rays. Gustuhin ko man na inumin ang sunblock lotion para mas mabilis ang talab or pagbabarilin ang mga politiko nating sugapa sa pera ay wag nalang dahil dagdag lang yan sa stress na magpapawrinkles sa aking mukha… ang magagawa ko nalang ay ipaplantsa ko nalang mukha ko sa derma para manatili akong mukhang bata at sariwa… o diba, less effort, more fun!
    … Ang sarap kaya maging maganda noh?!

  2. These individuals have become inspirations to so many lives for just being steadfast in who they are:

    Malala Yousafzai –youngest nobel prize winner for female education
    Lizzie Velazquez – dubbed as the world’s ugliest woman on youtube; inspirational speaker
    Nick Vujicic – Australian inspirational speaker born with the rare Tetra-amelia syndrome; the man with no limbs
    Bruce Lee – martial arts icon; actor
    Mother Teresa of Calcutta – humanitarian; saint
    Helen Keller – renowned deafblind author
    Mahatma Gandhi – leader of Indian independence movement; philosopher
    Martin Luther King, Jr. – civil rights leader; speaker
    Oprah Winfrey – talk show host; philanthropist
    Christine Jorgensen – 1st transgender; celebrity

    They didn’t blame the world on how sad it made them feel. They see their experiences as platforms to inspire others. These people are proofs that if we practice a positive mindset, if we embrace the uniqueness inherent in us, if we do good things for others – we not only shine a thousand fold beautiful to the eyes of the many, we become great masters of our world.

    We are imperfectly perfect. Each one is as worthy as any other.
    Simply put:
    To those who want it, respect is earned.
    To those who do, respect is a given.
    Those who never see the value will never know the difference.

    However the world may try to put us down, know that we are beautifully us. Always. Nobody can judge us with what we do with ourselves. Still, however we decide, it’s a fact that no amount of aesthetic alteration can rival a positive outlook towards life and towards others.

  3. One is free to have anything manufactured in his/her body. The genitalia can also be changed but one thing cannot be altered: the DNA. The combination of X and Y chromosomes permanently assigns one to a certain gender, irrespective of technology, law, emergent culture and beliefs.

    • @scorg – Forgive me but I beg to disagree… I also couldn’t help but notice the underlying homophobia/transphobia in your comment.

      First of all, do you really want your DNA to dictate what kind of life you will have? From your comments above, it’s as if you’re saying that DNA is the end all and be all when in fact it’s not. I still believe that ones choice is the most powerful thing on this planet.

      Second, you’re talking as if you know all there is about DNA when in fact, there’s A LOT to be uncovered about this mysterious thing.

      Third, let’s say for the sake of argument that DNA controls everything in a person’s whole makeup. You’re stipulating that DNA is fixed and cannot be changed when in fact, all things are undergoing changes almost every moment.

      So please before you comment, think first… As Pia said, always think before you click… Cheers 🙂

      • What happens when changes? It mutates. In other words a mutant aka a Freak.

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