4 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenierich Rehman

  1. Her unique talent was reported by the foreign press covering the event, including British newspapers. She was a shoo-in for the Talent Award, but I guess it was another case of hometown decision, clearly.

  2. Kahit san pa ganaon ang MW at MU ok lang basta evry year nasususbyabayan at mapapanood ko ang pageants night every year kahit sa bahay lang tru tv or internet.

  3. Queenie should have won the talent and not that pussy-sounding singing of Wenxia.

    Her evening gown was praised by other fashion designers for being stylish and showing off our Philippines culture.

    But because it is in China, everything is all cooking show.

    And now China will host again, for sure Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Norway and other countries against China will be affected.

    Julia Morley should reconsider letting China host her pageant.

  4. Ito ang edition ng Miss World na puno ng controversies!

    Ang ganda ng long gown ni Queenie by Michael Cinco!

    Di ko alam bakit nalaglag sa Finals si Queenie at hindi si Sophie Moulds ng Wales ang naguwi ng crown.

    China hosted the pageant and China bags the crown (Yu Wenxia) !!!!

    Kaya ayan, nagbabadya na naman ang China.

    Tingnan nio ginawa sa teritoryo ng Pinas.

    Bully yang China na yan!!!!

    Dapat i-boycott international org. like MWO na hindi i-promote ang China!!!

    Bully, bully, bully!!!!!

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