13 comments on “Miss Manila 2015: My Early Favorites

  1. Jillian is my bet based on the pics above. But you never know. Didn’t KC win last yr? It means just about any resident of Manila could win it lol

  2. KC is getting more beautiful by the minute. I wonder I never had her in my top choices during her BBP stint.

  3. I’m hoping Erika bags the title. Shell be the lucky three of the Diaz family. Gloria, Rio and now her.

  4. Do they require residency status for these candidates? I think some of them aren’t really Manilenans.

  5. Erika looks a bit like her aunt Georgina Wilson at that angle. She needs some working out to do but she does look promising…

    Patrixia has a pretty face but she needs to trim her waist….

  6. Patrixia will kill the Q&A portion if ever she made it to the finals. (She was the nemesis of Dianne Necio during their regional pageants)

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