5 comments on “Throwback Thursday: The Golden Age of Miss India

  1. @scorg, i agree with you. I honestly think Sushmita was ok, I remember if theres anyone who really deserve that crown that was held here was Venezuela, she was so elegant with a hint of sexiness.

  2. Pinakamaganda si Aish at mas sumikat sya bilang artista sa Bollywood.

  3. The so-called golden age of Indian beauty queens is the same decade of India’s take-off to industrialisation, led by its IT, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology industries. In that decade, India’s economy propelled to the 9th spot among the world’s top industrialised economies. Coincidence? Or, is this another case of the so-called politics of beauty?

  4. Shushmita, Yukta and Aishwarya are clear standouts based on beauty… 😀

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