5 comments on “Ann Colis: The Substance of a Bb. Pilipinas Crown

  1. I love Ann Colis! Sad that she can never compete again at BBP. I really hope she gets to represent the Philippines internationally.

  2. She should be prepared for a prestigious intl title, BPCI should secure the franchise for Miss Globe ( one in Azrbajan not in Canada or the Miss Tourism Intl in Malaysia or the Miss United Continents or Miss Planet in Bulgaria. This will make BPCI more prestigious and so far the biggest in the Philippines so BPCI MOVE.

  3. Ann Colis was a wasted beauty. I consider her a wasted beauty since I see MTQI as an irrelevant international beauty pageant. If MTQI is truly an established pageant they should’ve done an annual pageant. I hope BPCI can reformat the pageant assignments. Top 15, Top 10 down to Top 5 dapat ang cut to add excitement ala Miss USA format. I suggest there should be only 2 titles at stake. The MUP crown and then MI crown which will be given to the winner and 1st RU respectively. Para naman maka rejoin yung ibang runner ups next year. I hope MSA would drop the other franchises (MS, MTQI, MIntercon). Just use the money for improvement of wardrobe instead.

    • Sa BbP parang same level lang ang MU and MI. Dati kasma pa nga ang MW.
      Pero I like your suggestion na isa lang ang winner para lahat ng runner-ups pwede ulit sumali in case di sila nagtagumpay iternationally.

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