10 comments on “AsNTM S3: And then there were four

  1. Gani was bullied as a kid?!… No surprise there… I would bully her today if I had a chance! Joke! 🙂 Wahahaha 😀

      • If you’re watching this series, you will see how that two-faced bitch Gani and her sleazy side kickThalia are trying their best to pull down Monika from the Top upto the point of making Monika look bad to Joey and infront of the Camera. I would seriously do more than bully her because of that if I had the chance!

  2. If barbara will get booted out then the rumors were true after all that the Top 3 will be monika, aimee and gani and aimee winning it. This rumor was first said during the 1st episode of this season. Just another top 3 finish for the philippines. I hope there be no more of this and just cont with Ford Supermodel of the World.

    • Malakas nga ang ugong na si Aimee ang winner. Tapos na kasi ang contest.

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