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  1. Hoi Angelo! If i know, Bakla ka rin! In the first place, why are you reading normans blog? Bitter na bakla kasu walang lovelife…. Bleeeeeh

  2. The story of Art and Trixie is very inspiring and gives hope to those who lost faith in love but I don’t buy it when someone claims to be straight heterosexual yet fell in love with the same sex. I just don’t get it. On the other hand, I don’t like the idea of putting labels on homosexuality. I am not against the LGBT because I am one but I believe labels do not promote oneness but rather creates divisiveness among PLU, causing us to be fragmented and layered. More often than not, the Bi group think of themselves as the elite who top the hierarchy leaving the parloristas in the bottom. Because of this layering that we tend to discriminate our own kind . This is why I do not associate my sexuality to any fragments of the LGBT. I am what I am. My two cents.

  3. Why do we have to put a specific label on sexuality when all it does is limit us. What if Trixie is a man who transformed but continious to be attracted to women? Does that mean she became a transexual lesbian?… I think what Art meant was he grew up thinking he’s straight because he’s attracted to pretty girls not boys. And in this case, let’s admit that Trixie looks way more beautiful than most girls. I guess it is his open-mind that made him disregard the fact that he’s dating someone who used to be a man. Just incase he had another relationship with another person. Can’t it be that we fell in love with someone’s personality regardless of their gender? IMO, everyone has a fluid sexuality that changes in varying degrees based on our maturity, environment, and so many other factors. It is society’s labels and stereotypes that limit us from changing ourselves to who we want to be.

    • @G

      I feel where Art is coming from…
      He is attracted to the ideal physical features of a female and a great personality both of which are possesed by Trixie. IMO, if he doesn’t end up with Trixie, he may be attracted to someone with the same physical features and personality regardless of their gender.. BUT, those physical features and great personality is rare among LGBT and most probably, there is a greater chance that he would meet a “Real” girl with almost the same personality and physical attributes. If ever that girl is sterile, it would most probably not matter to him because he is educated of the alternative ways one could have an offspring than the basic biological one thus giving him a very open-mind in pursuing a relationship with that person regardless. To sum it up, he was brought up to be “straight” which he is in mindset but it did not limit him from being tolerant and having an open-mind. If anyone could use a specific word that could label Art then I guess we should coin a new one… As of now, the only word that I could think of to describe him is “Amazing”! 😀

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