12 comments on “normannorman.com’s Pageant Salvo for the 2nd Half of 2015

  1. Tito Norms!

    Is MU sure na on December? or there are possibilities na ma move uli to January?

    • As of now, December is still on the drawing board, unless Doral Miami will host again and a January date is always likely.

  2. I am ready and super excited, pray to God na sana masubaybayan ko at ma watch ang pageants ds year tv man o tru online streaming. Cant wait sa mwp, isa nalang buo na big 4. I am rooting for dianne mackey to join mwp. Theres a reason kung baket d sya na place sa mpe. Sana join sya sa mwp ds year. Als Catriona gray, janine gutierrez, liza soberano ba yon? Tito norms if ever pwede ba mag join si kristeffany sa mwp? I see another meagan young in her, i see in her eyes and personality that she can follow the footstep of meagan young, pure pinay looking with a world class beauty. Is her age still eligible in mwp? Can u have a liitle talk with her or chat with her regarding of planning to join mwp, thanks tito norms.

    • If Kris joins MWP, she will be effectively severing her ties with BbP. I don’t think she will take the risk. On top of that, she will be turning 26 this year. Miss World sets the age limit at 25.

      • Tapos na naman contract nya sa bbp, she can do what eve she wants basta ba para sa bansa. Sana man lang agahan Ang mwp para umabot pa sa qualified age si kris, she can win in mw talaga.

  3. Yes, Tito Norm’s I’m sooooooooooo excited for the coming Beauty events……..

  4. Of course, the most exciting pageant of all has yet to set a date for its finals. Baka January na naman ang Miss Universe considering mataas ang TV ratings nito sa US around that time. At sana hindi sa China. After all, Miss World will be held in China. Ayaw ni Donald Trump at MUO to follow MW’s path and be under the shadow of its fiercest pageant competitor.

  5. How about Miss Tourism Queen International?.. Will Ann Colis be another wasted beauty?!

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