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  1. @c2f – who r u kidding? When u said ‘ the book written fr thousands of yrs ago’, u meant the bible was obsolete. How else r u gonna interpret it? I don’t care if u r an atheist , just don’t be a liar lol

    @ miss tissa. U r so bigoted. Your kind has no place on this earth. Quoting from your entry ‘alis!’ Lol

    • @Fabian

      Lookin for faults are we?! Lol
      Again, I said:

      “IMO, I think arguing with someone who bases everything on a book that was written by people from thousands of years ago is just a waste because they will always consider it as the absolute truth.”

      – Hence, I don’t think the bible is the absolute truth because I find some of it’s teachings as obsolete. FYI, “absolute” is not the opposite of “obsolete”. LOL

      We can do this up and down, left and right! LOL

      #BITCHPLEASE! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. We’ve all been taught different lessons and teachings throughout our lives. We grew up in different areas of the world, environments and households. So it’s hard to persuade someone to listen to your own point of view when their minds are strongly embedded to their own faith and beliefs. Wala na tayong magagawa dun. But at the end of the day, we’re all humans. And according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we all need love and respect. Therefore everyone is entitled to love whoever they want to love. And with the notion of marriage, we have to remember that it is not under the control of religion. And because philippines is heavily influenced by religion, it’s easy for most people to claim that marriage and religion are tied up as one. If you don’t agree with same-sex marriage, that’s ok. No one is forcing you to, but don’t stop the LGBT community from fighting for their right to marry. Marriage wasn’t strictly created for the straight people. Like what other people said on here, it’s ok to love the same sex. So if these same sex couple want to express their love in the form of marriage, then let them be. They’re not harming you…

  3. The Catholic Church maintains a strong influence on Philippine culture, so marriage will always be seen as a religious institution. Hence, arguing for and against marriage equality is pointless.

    Here in the US where there’s separation of church and state, and freedom of religion, citizens have been making a case for same-sex marriage since the 1970’s. 36 of the 50 states legalize it and we are awaiting for the US Supreme Court’s ruling later this month that will hopefully make it legal for the entire country.

    As it relates to the Miss Philippines Earth pageant, I find it quite a stretch that a finalist was asked to share her views on marriage equality. Unless the pageant changed its mission, the question posed to Ms. Ong seems out of place.

    Grammar aside, I actually liked the content of her response, I just wished that she delivered it with more conviction.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more on all points Dee except for “arguing is pointless”. Yeah, the Philippines is probably a long way from legalizing same sex marriage, but it’s never too hopeless to start.

      The U.S. didn’t start out easy on the subject either. It took a long time in fact and even today, there are still hurdles. But one thing’s for sure, the people’s minds are ever-a-changing. So who knows?

      • I agree with you Jaycee!

        That is one of the reasons why I love pageants… it’s a way to bring up issues that matter the most… It’s like how Megan Young won Miss World and the message that they want to convey was very evident through-out her pageantry specialy when she performed the Singkil which on its own is full of meaning and historical significance. Singkil, the dance that we christians perform during fiestas and school presentations were once exclusively performed as a courting dance of the princesses of the Maranaos, a muslim tribe… it was a dance interpretation of the Hindu epic -Ramayana… there were a lot of assimilations and reinovations but Singkil was passed on from many generations of the same people who were once hindus who became muslims and then became christians. It persisted in our culture because of it’s beauty and the message that it conveys… We changed religions many times and yet we presserved those that matter the most and made it available for everyone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ireland, which is predominantly Christian and Catholic, recently passed marriage equality through a referendum with 62.1% of voters saying “yes” to defining marriage as a union of two people regardless of sex.

        It would be great if the Philippines can follow Ireland’s lead, but I don’t think Filipinos are that progressive in their social views (well, maybe the younger generation). If marriage can be seen more as a legal institution, then there’s a case to be made for legalizing divorce and same-sex marriage,

        Bottom line – take religion out of the marriage equation first.

      • @c2f, significance of singkil? You think the bible is obsolete but you see singkil which no one dances anymore as a historical necessity?
        Pls go to a mental health professional ASAP lol

      • @Fabian Reyes

        I never said the whole bible is obsolete… I said “Teachings may apply at a certain period of time but there would always be a point that it will become obsolete.” There will be a point in time that Singkil will also become obsolete but as of now, the message that it conveys is still relevant that is why it persisted up to the present. As for whatever passage in the bible that mentions that only a man and woman are allowed to marry each other ( If there is such a statement in the bible), as of this moment I conclude that it is obsolete because it NO longer applies to everyone or at least not to all Filipinos.

      • @C2F:
        Thanks C2F ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yep, more than appearances, to be able to confidently stand in public under constant scrutiny and remain a decent representative of the general culture of an era while keeping along a stance, an advocacy, and certain traditions makes pageantry fascinating and worthy to watch indeed.

        Agree with you on Ireland Dee and that religion and state matters should be separate. It would definitely be great also to find more places where there’s equal legal rights for everyone. But i think, as with any other country that had this concern, religion and legal matters had been intertwined at some point first.

        Though heard, same sex marriage in the Philippines is hardly in its conception. I can’t remember if there was a move even. It’s not that the country isn’t socially embracing or open to the LGBT community. It’s quite the contrary in fact, despite being a predominantly religious country. The Philippines is one of the most gay-friendly nations in the world and the Filipinos are one of the most adaptive and tolerant races anyone will ever meet. With that said, I think it’s just a matter of time before equal legal rights about marriage in the Philippines become a reality.

      • @Jayce

        Wow you clearly got what I meant… ๐Ÿ˜€ Only an open-mind could interpret anything to find what is meant for the greater good which is the opposite of those who takes things out of context and use it against anyone as part of their selfish desire to assert their superiority over others. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. In the first place that question is not supposed to be asked in this kind of pageant whose advocacy is to preserved the mother earth. That kind of question should be asked on Miss Gay pageants.

    • How can we all love mother Earth when the group who is the most committed in environmentalism are not even allowed to be committed by law as an expression of their love to their fellow human being?

      • Bakit pinagbabawal ba na umibig ka? Ang pag aasawa ay sa babae at lalaki, biblical yan kaya may nagpapakasal.

        Ang sa lalaki at lalaki, gumawa kayo ng iba. Ang babae sa babae gumawa din kayo. O di ba.

      • @Sam, marriage is not solely biblical. Being wed by a priest is biblical. Marriage, at the heart of it, is a legal matter. Where’s the division of the church and the state there?

      • Same sex marriage could be possible but not in the church. If you are gay or lesbian syempre ipipilit mo to make the same sex marriage legal. But for the straight person, I think hati or kundi man mas marami ang hindi sang-ayon sa same sex marriage. (IMHO)

      • @sam: Marriage isn’t owned by religion and is not biblical! It has existed long before your religion. Ang daming atheists na nag- papakasal every single day. Kung hindi recognize ng gobyerno ang kasal mo, wala kang magagawa kahit kinasal ka pa sa simbahan dahil gobyerno ang mag- babago ng tax at kung ano ano pang legalities ng buhay may asawa. Sa totoo Lang gastos pa ang kasal simbahan. Ginawa ng negosyo wala naman kwenta.

      • Nathan – paano mo nasabi na walang kwenta ang kasal sa simbahan at ginagawang negosyo? FYI, ang kasal sa simbahan ay kasing legal ng kasal sa huwes dahil ang mga pari ay authorized din.
        Pag ikinasal ka sa simbahan, legal document din ang ibibigay sa yo.
        Negosyo? – natural magbabayad ka sa simbahan, anung gusto mo libre?

      • @ miss tissa: Yung legal document na sinasabi mo ay hindi galing sa church. Galing din yan sa gobyerno natin. Those are Marriage License and Certificate of No Record of Marriage (Cenomar)… Kung walang marriage license at kinasal ka pa din ng church wala itong bisa dahil sa gobyerno single ka pa din unless i- file agad ng couples yan sa gobyerno. That’s why ang mga churches will require you to get a marriage license first bago ka nila ikasal.

        Weddings in churches are purely ceremonial. The legalities of someone’s marriage happen outside the church. Some people have weddings in churches because it’s part of their belief structure. A wedding is a ceremony but hardly a ritual. Some people don’t have them at all. They just sign a piece of paper and BOOM they’re married.

        Yes, I believe marriages in churches should be offered free. Grabe ang hinihingi ng simbahan sa couples na gusto magpa- kasal and those will require money (Rent sa simbahan, bayad sa pari, seminars, etc….) Churches are tax exempted and people’s donations go in their pockets without being taxed.

      • Yes I know, the marriage certifcates come from the government. Papel yon na pipirmahan ng kung sino ang magkakasal. Ang pari ay authorized na magkasal at ang pagpirma nya ay kinikilala ng batas.

        Gusto mo libreng kasal sa simbahan? meron naman ganun na nag-ooffer ng mass wedding sa mga simbahan, depende na lang sa yo kung ano ang gusto mo. Kung mayaman ka, gawin mong engrande ang kasal mo. Kung hindi mo kayang gumastos ng malaki, pwede naman depende kung gaano kasimple ang kasalan na gusto mo. Hindi ka naman pinipilit na gawing engrande ang kasalan sa simbahan. Nasa sa yo yan.
        Dapat nga sa gobyerno ang libre dahil nagbabayad tayo ng tax. Ang simbahan umaasa lang sa mga donations.

      • @ Miss Tissa

        I agree that nobody is forcing anyone to get married at churches BUT it is the clergy who forces the government to NOT legalize same-sex marriage! Where is the separation of Church and State in that?! ๐Ÿ˜€ Our government boasts freedom of religion and yet the laws of our state are highly influenced by one religious group?!

      • c2f mahirap talaga pag pinag-uusapan na ang separation of the Church and the States. Look at the RH Bill na matagal ng pinag-uusapan. Kaya yang same-sex marriage baka mas matagalan pa yan.

        Para sa akin although, I don’t agree with same sex marriage but, kung maaprubahan ng gobyenrno, sino ba naman ako para kumontra di ba?

    • Miss tissa, who are you to decide for other people? If gays and lesbians think marriage is important , let them have it. Life is short.

      • Dear Fabie, Did I decide for other people? Pakibasa nga ulit ang comment ko!

        I just want to share my opinion that the question asked to Angelia is more appropriate to ask in a Miss Gay Pageant. Anung pinagsasabi mo?

  5. I guess,at the end of the day what matters most is how much kindness we can show to all things around us. That alone should supercede everything else, and because it crosses borders, any form of divide (religion, orientation, environmental stance, and any other global issue) no longer becomes a contention.

    I think this is the purpose why laws like these are put in place, to lessen social disharmony. #ondivisiveissues

  6. what really baffles me here is for a pageant who’s cornerstone is environmental preservation, what is the relevance of marriage equality to it? i was really surprised why a question of such nature was asked in MPE. i really cannot come up with any logical explanation for it. care to help? her answer was right but not strong enough. i think it’s the manner of how she responded which made it a not so convincing because it was obvious that she was uncomfortable with the question.

    • I agree with you 100%. I think the judges sometimes get all these pageants confused and forget to focus on what the pageant is all about. Miss Earth is about finding an “Earth warrior” so questions need to be focused on the environment, nature, ek-ek, etc…

    • TRIVIA: According to recent international polls…. The LGBT communities of the world has a more pronounced commitment to environmentalism and sustainability compaired to their heterosexual counterparts… And the statistics increases with married LGBT… I wonder why? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • There is also a common trend of countries with same-sex marriage and equalities have better lives, happier, and these countries are considered the best places to live.

        Canada, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, New Zealand are examples of countries with same-sex marriage which are also considered the happiest and best places to live

      • Makes common sense… happy people are more likely to want to make the world a better place… angry people are more likely to want things to fall into chaos…

    • Who would want to listen to a bunch of environmental questions? Get real, Miss Earth is entertainment first and foremost

      • If you don’t want to listen to the environmental questions in a pageant like Miss Earth whose advocacy is preserving the mother earth, then don’t watch! Sa Miss Gay ng Baranggay ka na lang manood!

  7. This social media thing… andaming tao sa mundo ang ginawang nega… lahat n lang may “say” about anything…
    Sa totoo lang, feeling ko kaya rin nyang saguyin ung question the other way around… wag n taung umalma… the question is not who answered it correctly but who answered it confidently…

  8. Marriage and homosexuality existed even before the dawn of these religions who persecuted same-sex marriage. I find it amusing that these intolerant religions were the ones being persecuted a few thousand years ago. Maybe a thousand years from now everything would be the opposite… And this would be the beginning of a new era. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yes, marriage long time ago na yan. Homosexuality long time ago na rin. Pero marriage long time ago para sa babae at lalaki talaga. Gumawa ka ng sarili mong paraan para makasama mo lalaki na gusto huwag mo ng idaan sa marriage kasi para sa babae at lalaki lang yan.

      • I agree with you Sam. marriage is only for male and female partners. Marami rin ang ikinakasal na lalaki at babae na nag-hihiwalay lang din. Tsaka hindi lang naman sa kasal naipapakita ang pagmamahal sa isang taong gusto nila. There are other ways. Pwede naman sila magsama basta napagkasuduan nila at ang importante nagkakasundo sila.

      • Again marriage isn’t owned by religion.

        So okay Lang ang gays and lesbians basta wala silang right pakasalan ang taong mahal nila? So in short second class citizens. Kayo Lang ang may karapatan lumigaya pero ang gays and lesbians, wala. Wow. Who are you to say na straight people Lang ang may karapatan magpa- kasal? Dahil ba yan sa bible? Hindi lahat ng Tao naniniwala sa bible. Huwag pairalin ang belief because not everyone has your same belief and no one’s religious beliefs should be pushed on anyone else.

      • @Nathan

        I totaly agree with you, Teachings may apply at a certain period of time but there would always be a point that it will become obsolete. Times changes everything and the only thing that is constant in the world is- change. ๐Ÿ™‚ IMO, I think arguing with someone who bases everything on a book that was written by people from thousands of years ago is just a waste because they will always consider it as the absolute truth.

      • I agree with you Closer2Fame. I wonder why some people can’t get passed their religion and be a free thinker? You are right, it’s a waste to argue when someone pick and choose the parts of the Bible they want to believe. Of all people they should know what the bible says about being kind and judging others and “sin” as a universal.

  9. LOL sa dami ng problema ng bansa yan ang uunahin? Annulment nga inaabot ng taon bago mangyari tapos sobrang mahal pa. Kahit maging legal man yan di pa rin maalis kung paano ka tingnan ng ibang tao. Sa America nga kahit legal hirap pa rin makuha acceptance ng tao.

    • Sa dami din naman kasi ng mga environmental issues and concerns, bakit same-sex marriage pa ang naitanong?

    • “Inuuna” ‘yun dahil equality ang usapan. Don’t make it seem like equality is just a “lang” issue, like it’s not as important as other concerns we have. I agree though, that even if same-sex marriage is legal, it might not change the minds of a lot of people. But the point is that it sets a precedent–a precedent that homosexuals deserve equal rights, can enjoy the same benefits given by the state, and should not be treated like they’re different. And in any case, at least in the legal realm, marriage makes a lot of difference. That alone is a value, regardless of whether or not opinions are changed.

      • Marriage is only for those couples that can produce a child and for that only a man and a woman can possibly do that.

      • @miss tissa Says who? May ganun bang clause sa constitution, na dapat may anak? Eh pano kung infertile, bawal din?

      • Alyssa – that is only my opinion, kaya nga sabi ko, male and female who can POSSIBLY produce a child. Obviously a male/male or a female/female is impossible to produce a child.
        Saan ka ba nanggaling?

      • Yun nga, but where did that opinion come from? Also, you didn’t actually say “possibly” produce a child, but sige, you can revise your stance, but the question still remains–on what grounds? Why is that the standard of whether or not a couple can get married?

      • Also, it’s also “impossible” for an infertile woman to have a child… So anong difference?

      • Alyssa, hirap mag-explain sa yo!
        Unang una malalaman mo ba agad na infertile ang isang babae o lalake? Kailangan mo muna ng scientific consultation para malaman yun. Un ang difference dahil ang lalake/ lalake o babae/babae sa umpisa pa lang alam mong imposible na makapagproduce ng anak kahit alam mong wala silang diprensya.

        Pwede ba intindihin mong mabuti ang pagkakagamit ko ng salitang “possible” sa una kong comment. Baka kailangan mo pa ng further explanation para maintindihan mo?

      • @ miss tissa: Marriage is not just about procreation. If it’s about procreation then we should not be letting those old straight people ( say 70 na ang age) to marry their partners because they obviously can’t procreate anymore. Infertile heterosexuals shouldn’t legally marry either. You see, some individuals knew that they can’t procreate but still want to get married. Are you saying we should stop them as well because they can’t procreate? Based on your logic, we should start saying sorry to ladies with PCOS and uterine/ovarian/cervical cancer survivors! Sorry guys who’ve had a vasectomy, or just too low a sperm count! If you can’t contribute to the overpopulation of the planet, you don’t deserve the same happiness and government protections and benefits that the rest of the breeders have! Sorry!! You DO see what a ridiculous position that is… Don’t you?

        Sarah Jessica Parker used a surrogate because she was 45 years old and the viable preganancy is less than 3%. If she can have a baby from a surrogate so as gay couples. Matt Bomer and his partner used surrogate to have kids. Ricky Martin has twins already using his own sperm via surrogate.

      • Um, @miss tissa, just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I’m having difficulty understanding. I’m just pointing out that your logic is flawed. Agree with Nathan on this. See, you keep harping on the idea of the “possibility” of procreating without defending the principle of WHY you have to procreate in the first place. I’m just bringing up the example of infertility to illustrate why this argument doesn’t stand. Again, which standards say that a couple HAS to be able to procreate? Yes, I know that a same sex couple cannot procreate, and yes, I know that sometimes you don’t know if you’re infertile or not (but, um, sometimes you really do, so there’s that). But the question is simple and it remains unanswered: Why does it matter?

      • Bakit kasi nakikigaya sa marriage ng babae at lalaki….make your own way to be with your love one…

      • Alyssa and Nathan – Kayo NA!
        Sabi ko nga di ba that is just my opinion! (yung marriage is just for people who can possibly produce children, obviously male and female only) Pero I forgot na pwede rin nga pala magpakasal ang mga matatanda…and proven infertile straight… thanks Nathan!

        Darating na rin kaya ang panahon na pwede ng magbuntis ang isang lalake? Na pwede na rin syang magpa-breast feed?

      • @Sam & Miss Tissa

        Lol… yeah they are making their own… its not in a church or orchestrated by a priest definitely… they just want it legal and binding… From taxes up to adoption… it seems you guys are pointing out that they should not get married unless they could procreate… well there is always surrogacy which is biological… clonning humans is already on its way… and how about we look at the more possible and humanitarian idea of adoption โ€“ adopting someone elseโ€™s biological child into our own family it is not only a great thing to do but it is Biblical! And so how can two people adopt a child as their own if they are not married in the eyes of the state?

      • @ sam: Walang nakikigaya okay? Gays and Lesbians are asking for equality. No one is demanding any church to perform a same sex marriage. Only that the law in the Philippines should treat people equally.

        @ miss tissa: Why not? I’m all for technology advancements and equality. Women will finally be able to have that voice and choice in their relationship. Couples will have an option. Some men treat their wives like they are some kind of baby making machines. Men will never know the difficulties of getting pregnant. If the technology advances and “men can get pregnant” becomes an option then that will make some men pause and think. If they can support their kids then by all means, make more babies but apparently not the case for all people.

      • @ miss tissa – Noted. Again, though: Why is having children the standard?

        @ Sam – Hindi “nakikigaya” ang tawag dun, dahil isa lang naman ang estado. Marriage is not a fad. It is a process which gives a couple many benefits that other processes can’t. Hindi pwedeng “gumawa ng sarili” because that does not hold the legitimacy that marriage does. And in the first place, one has to defend why marriage is meant for heterosexual couples only, in order to say that “ginagaya” lang. And that clearly hasn’t been established yet.

  10. Panalo c Angelia dahil naintindihan ng mga judges kung ano ang ibig sabihin ni Angelia sa kanyang sagot. yung nag pause sya at nagsalita uli to give her last sentence give a strong impact of her answer.
    Ang tanong ko lang ay ang sagot ng 4th placer from Ilo-Ilo na wala cyang naisagot na tama sa tanong dahil naubusan sya ng oras sa kaiisip sa tamang sagot.
    Pinili nila ang 10 Finalist dahil sa pagkakaalam ko ay kahit sino sa kanila ay puedeng manalo at magkakatalo na lamang sa Q&A.
    Kung pagbabasehan lang ang mga sagot sa 10 finalist ay hindi dapat magkaroon ng korona si Ilo-ilo.
    Pahabol …. I’m disappointed with Ms. Baguio Police Officer…Sana man lang nakasali sya sa Top 10 para mapakinggan natin at maihayag ang laman ng utak nya during Q&A. Pinagmukha cyang matrona sa TV. lol

    • Hindi natin nakita ang buong potential ni PO kasi hindi natin narinig ang kanyang opinyon. In most pre-pageant photos of her nagmukha siyang matanda na for the contest. Sayang kung deserving man siya.

    • Ms. Baguio Police Officer wasn’t even there during the pageant to start with. Hindi xa nagparamdan. Even during the pre-pageant events, there was nothing interesting about her other than her being a police officer.

      • I agree!… Naramdaman ko lang sya nung nagpa short-hair sya… Sana tinodo na nya.. Pixie-cut para mas may impact! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Sana d nalang binawasan ang hair style nya, bad styling ang nangyare kay PO, itim na nga ung gown nagmuka pa syang tuyot sa make up nya. D ko nagustuhan ang hair style nya during SS Pinaiksi nila so dapat itinodo nalang like ung hair ni Kaci of miss jamaica. She can grab a spot in top 5 kung prapred ang team nya. Something went wrong talaga. Magada din si iloilo pero mas nagustuhan ko si diane mackey. Sana mag jpin sya sa mwp or bbp next year. Channel, stunning, shes got the height, kung tuluyang nawala si angelia sa MPE si channel ang MPE ds year. Then pasok si dianna mackey sa top 5. That night angelia really ownwed the night from the begining to SS to IG. I like ung pagka straight her nya, nice gown and styling and make up. Parang alam nya na mananalo sya wala syang reaction na halos maiyak sa tuwa. I noticed kahawig nya si faye asawa ni enteng kabisote sa okay ka fairy ko. Angelia ong is also a MU material, ngayong nanalo sya MPE, the question is, makapsok kaya sya sa top4 ng ME, or manalo sya? On jamie pang MU talaga sya.

      • @jeff since u mentioned Iloilo, kahit napa #smh ako ng sobra sa kanya sa q&a in fairness naman parang may potential xa. Napaka glamorosa nung EG segment, fierce dun nung SS, kahit nung inabot nya yung envelope ky robi may future xa. Sa tingin ko pwd xa maging Binibini.

  11. Nanalo na si Angelia Ong! She is now the reigning queen of Earth 2015!

    Regardless of all our social and religious orientation, she made it to the top and her answer won the heart of judges! She prevails!

    O hail, to the new Queen of Earth, ANGELIA ONG!

    Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Marriage is for everyone regardless of sexual orientation. It’s the new normal. We are free to hold on to our views, just as others are free to think otherwise.

    • That’s true. kaso nga lang maraming mga bobo sa pinas at sunod sunoran sa simbahan – pagsabi ng simbahan huwag gawin susunod ang mga mang-mang. kaya hindi umuunlad ang pilipinas.

      i’m proud of angelia. People who do not believe in same-sex marriage and equality will never be happy and be successful

  13. nagsilabasan na naman ang mga “bible scholars” ,”i am holier than thou” & those so called christians who act, judge and condemn as if they’re gods! ๐Ÿ˜†

    dapat kasi iwasan na ang mga tanong na related sa religion, politics at homosexuality. ito kasi yung mga topic na divisive kumbaga. sana mag-stick na lang sa mga environment related ang mga questions sinc me is about protecting mother earth… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • i disagree. same sex marriage and equality is a huge topic right now. so many gay men and women being persecuted and even killed just because they love someone with the same sex.

      I am proud of what Angelia said.

      These religious retards are the reason why the Philippines will never rise up. Countries like Canada, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand all have same sex marriage and these countries are the best places to live.

      • I beg to disagree with your thoughts “sleuth”. Same sex marriage is a social issue that is far from the issue of best countries in the world! haler! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • I disagree with Veejay. Same-sex marriage is an important social issue in many progressive western countries. Ireland recently legalized it by national referendum no less. It is already legal in some predominantly catholic countries like Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal. It’s legal in England/Wales, Canada, South Africa. Altogether in about 20 countries and the numbers are growing. It’s legal in about 17 or 18 States plus D.C. in the U.S.

        I’m proud of Angela’s answer to the question of same sex-marriage. It showed she has an open mind. I was not surprised with some of the comments with most of them quoting the bible. I believe many of them have a small mind, and a fearful vision. Legalizing it will not in any way hurt straight marriages. But it will give all of us equality and not second-class citizens.

      • In the US same-sex marriage is legal in 36 states plus the District of Columbia. A case is pending in the US Supreme Court which will determine if marriage equality will become a federal law.

    • IMO,

      Who among Filipinos are more likely to be single and unwed?
      Who among our countrymen are more likely to become OFWs who finance our country’s largest chunk of SSS remitances?
      Who among Filipino citizens have the biggest taxes in proportion to their social status and financial income?
      Who among Filipinos are more likely to have listed dependents that include their parents, siblings, nephews, grandparents, etc?
      Who among our country’s demographics has the highest percentage of employment?…..
      Who among our country’s largest demographics have the most diverse forms of employment- from hairdressers and call center agents upto business tycoons and high-profile Politicians?
      Who among our country’s demographics are most likely to adopt orphans, elderly or any1 who is in desperate need of employment or financial support?
      Who among our country’s demographics are most likely to be a member of at least one charitable, humanitarian and/or environmentalist group?
      Who among gender demographics in the world has a more pronounced commitment to environmentalism and sustainability?

      Whoever these people are.. It is pretty obvious that the majority of everyone else benefits from the lifestyle of this particular community. Thus their interests must be protected by law to ensure the welfare of those who bennefits from them.


      • @ Lex

        You are almost right. In the U.S. there are 37 states, plus the District of Columbia, that now allow same-sex marriage, and 13 states that have bans that remain in place. The latter are mostly Southern states which does not surprise me.

        I believe it was a legit question though quite controversial . Just like the question asked at Shamcey during her time in MU. It’s a test on the awareness of the ladies on world issues.

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