14 comments on “Sunday Specials: Kelsey Merritt and the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Queens on Metro Magazine

  1. Gaganda ng mga BBP queens!
    Parang nakikita ko si Bea Santiago, Angel Aquino at Lovie Poe.

  2. Kelsey will not join any pageant as she is tied with Wilhelmina Models NY and is currently rising as a new fresh face in the international modeling scene. Watch out for her upcoming ed in Harper’s Bazaar US!

    • Huh?!… Is that all she want to be- a model?!
      Did bringing honnor to her country and her people ever crossed her mind?!

      • It doesn’t suit everyone and it doesn’t go well with super model’s because pageantry is too predictable and patty like. If a super model were to join a beauty pageant, it could taint their image and ruin their reputation and image.

        I don’t think beauty pageant’s are just about bringing honor and pride to the country. I think the charity aspect is far more crucial and having that kind of heart out weight’s all forms of publicity.

      • Any breakthroughs in the international arena is honor enough for the country already. Thanks for being another Pinoy pride. Our utmost respect.

      • Well I guess she does not desserve to be one of our queens if her beauty is just skin deep and all she wants is to be rich and famous through modeling for those big brands…

      • @C2F just because someone who we initially thought as a possible victor over pageants doesnt want to join any of that kind, doesnt mean that her beauty is just skin deep. She might have a lot of charity works/”helping others in every possible way” that we are not privy to. Also, just like what Jayce said, any breakthrough in the international scene is an honor for the country. Hindi lang pageantry. So if ever ayaw nya nga talagang sumali, lets just respect her and her decision ^_^

  3. Kelsey Merritt for Miss World, Anjie Balatbat for Miss Universe or vice versa?

  4. Pa iba-iba ang mukha ni JLu. Lumo-Lovi-Poe ang peg dito. Idk if it’s a good thing especially kung gusto natin recall. But then again, maganda parin ang execution.

  5. Kelsey looks like Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heusaff combined. She also inherited all the ideal Filipina features… thick straight raven hair.. big almond eyes with double eyelids… and juicy puckered lips… not to mention she’s long lean and leggy…. Love her! 😀

  6. Kelsey is really Miss Universe material. Jonas should convince her to give Binibini a try….

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