4 comments on “Janicel Lubina and the Morenas

  1. Lovi and Alex are effortlessly gorgeous in the second group shot; oozing with sex appeal. Janicel hit it spot on in the first photo. (Never cared for the Pinto girl – after she left PBB, I have always though she was overrated).

  2. I think Janicel is trying to contort her face and body to look high-fashion… I guess she doesn’t understand that her face doesn’t need to do any of that because she already looks good as she is… She needs to relax her face and look at the camera head on or quarter angle… That’s her moneyshot.. as for her body… Any of her old pageant poses would do.. just play on the symetry… lt is that easy!

  3. Janicel is the obvious standout in the first photo. Gorgeous. But I don’t even recognize her in the second group shot.

  4. i think she’s wearing her colored contacts yet again, if she is, please ditch it, let ur true color of your eyes shine not this silly pretentious euro looking aura ur trying to portray, ur exotic and hot already and thats all we wanna see from u, ur true beauty.

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