8 comments on “Anjie Balatbat, tall and exotic 

  1. Ikaw ba yan Wynwyn Marquez? (top photo)
    With her height, a Miss Universe Philippines crown will be perfect for her!

  2. She has the height and natural beauty that will qualify her to join in any beauty contest and I hope she has good communication skill and a unique and artistic talent if she is planning to join Miss World Philippines. I believe if she is planning to join Bb. Pilipinas , make it sure she will join beauty pageant as many as she can and also join Bb. Pilpinas for the third time to assure you a winning spot for Miss Universe Philippines.

  3. I really want her to join BBP 2016 but I don’t want her to end up with a crown that isn’t the Miss Universe Philippines one. This girl is gorgeous!! 😄

  4. i guess kelangan syang i-fit to a pageant type look
    based on the pics, she’s not yet in a competitive level

  5. Yan ang gandang hindi na dapat ipaliwanag.
    Koronahan na yan, wag ng magpatumpik tumpuk pa, karakaraka!

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