7 comments on “The Twin Peaks of Male Pageantry in 2015

  1. I just hope male pageantry will focus on men as they really are, and should be– not as bodies to gawk at but as minds to listen to and persona to look up to. I hope the winners do not just become endorsers of consumer products but endorsers of some humanitarian causes. Ang tunay na lalaki ay may matibay na paninindigan, hindi lang lakas ng loob at magandang tindig.

  2. just curious why Neil has mister international 14/15 title given that there will be a 2015 edition of the pageant. given that neil was crowned in 2015 but the title is for 2014

    jose paredes has only 2013 in his title.

    just curious

    • Because the Korean organizers last year kept on moving the finals date of Mister International 2014 from the original November, 2014 until it finally happened February, 2015.

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