11 comments on “Final Headcount for Mister United Continents 2015: Seventeen

  1. Guapo sana ni Lebanon pero pwede maglanding ang Eroplano sa noo nya..

    Isa pang guapo sana tong si Guam pero chumichicken legs ang peg…

    Para mas tolerable pa ang child bearing hips ni Dominican Republic…

    Si Canada parang ka Aura si Papa P?

  2. Ever heard of the story of someone who won third place in a singing contest where there are only three contestants? Parang ganito lang ang peg ng patimpalak na ito considering that this is global in scope. If I happen to be one of the candidates and won, I won’t take so much pride in telling my future children that I bested 16 country reps (roughly 10 %) in a supposedly international pageant. Kaya sana sa mga susunod na edition, mas marami na ang lalahok. IMHO

    • LOL. With only 17 delegates, I hope they skip the Top 12 and just go straight to Top 5 or something. Para hindi naman mapahiya ‘yung mga natira. Juicemayo.

      • My take here is to have everyone go through the different semifinal events. When time comes for the first cut, take a Top 7. From there, the Top 3 winners should be announced.

    • Edi si Indonesia and Australia ligwak sa height… sayang naman bakit hindi top contender si Canada?..

  3. No prediction? I guess it’s tough not knowing yet what kind of winner the org and judges have decided to have but one thing I’m sure of, Reynaldo though the most deserving to clinch the crown will be the sacrificial lamb tonight but hopefully he ends up with a promising placement that would be beneficial to him — for all his efforts and trainings. Mabuhay si Reynaldo!

    On the other hand, my gut feel says Norman would be one of the judges tonight — the reason why he didn’t make his list. What’s your say?!? 🙂

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