25 comments on “Mister United Continents 2015: The Guys I Like

    • Bobby Rahman Teguh…Mr. Indonesia…..my vote goes to Reynaldo at Mr. Lebanon

    • Seryoso ba kayo kay Indonesia?!… He’s a dime a dozen… Mas guapo pa si Namibia and Canada, IMO…

      • Kaya nga C2F…kaya nga di ko bet si Indonesia. Pero anyway goodluck sa kanilang lahat.

        Mr. PHILIPPINES at Mr. LEBANON…yan choice ko.hehe

    • Is it just me or Banana boat is on Slow-mo?!

      Pakistan… hmmmm?!


      • Ang hilig mag crosslegs ni Pakistan…. hmmmm?!!!

        Tumatyson Beckford si Guam a…

        Australia is funny…

        Canada… Hmmmmm???

        Wumiwill Smith si Namibia… Hahaha

  2. MUCP was better than its international edition…And I am saying this na di pa tapos ang finals night.

    Better activities, better photos, better media exposure, etc… kung kelan international competition na, saka pa nawalan ng push ang mga nangyayare…

    The delegates did not do something noteworthy…nagpunta lang sa Quezon province para sumakay sa jeep at banana boat at nagpapicture kasama si Quezon Guv pero wala din naman sa picture si Guv.. Di rin natuloy sa Villa Escudero…Pero di bale na, sagana sila sa mall visits…SM City Lucena at SM Megamall…at ewan kung ano pang SM Malls ang pinuntahan nila.

    Ang konti rin ng updates from TPQ, their media partner, unlike during MUCP na sagana sa updates…so I do not understand what is happening, but I am sure all these will just be swept again under the rug, leaving pageant fans mystified as to what happened na naman…

    I used to believe in what MUC stood for, especially its advocacy-centric thrust in male pageantry…But I think nawalan bigla ng credibility ang organization na ito in my book.

    Sorry guys, but your performance is: DISMAL

    • Perhaps, it’s a case of eating more than they can chew. The logistics of running an international pageant can be mind-boggling. It’s easy to choke on the unanticipated demands and expenses, especially if you’re dealing with delegates of different nationalities. During MUCP, it was easier to control things because the candidates were all Pinoys so explaining the bumps and hiccups along the way can be dealt with in a jiffy. With MUC, the eyes of national directors (including the ones who committed to send a delegate but did not push through) are staring at their every move. Still, I wish them good luck in finishing the whole thing by Friday night. :-/

  3. lola norms, may darating pa ba mula sa latin america at europe?

  4. Lebanon …. manly jaw line, sexy facial hair, beautiful eyes and a body of a Greek God.

  5. Parang walang gana si Mr. Philippines. Kahit sa iba nyang mga pictures, ganon din parang napipilitan lang. Anyare?

  6. Philippines and Lebanon…my top 2…I don’t like the facial feature ni Indonesia…pogi oo…pero napapa noh ako..parang wala sya teeth sa mga photos.

    Lebanon…Lalaking Lalaki…Macho

    Philippines…guapo na pang bidang kontrabida..ilike

  7. Indonesia just might take it. However, I have high hopes for The Philippines. Other fav is Borneo. Best of luck to all the candidates!

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